Monday, April 1, 2019


I knew since an early age, something was compressing on my brain.  I described it a million times since maybe age 3 or 7.  Then in 86' a CAT scan showed the hydrocephalus, but it was not common in adults. I had a TIA.  Technology changed and highly qualified doctors came to understand the diseases. 

Testing shows the cerebral fluid in my case built up slowly and intermittently interfered with my cognition skills. Before anyone taught me anything about reading I was reading, then for no clear reason I could not read a word.  I would complain of a weird sensation in my head. 

We now know I was born with this condition, but the problem was a slow build up.


Finally a lot of testing and incredible knowledge of brain neurosurgery on the brain and how the nervous system works, I will know by this time next week if the surgery is working, or I have reached the end of the road for a solution.  If the surgery fails the prognosis is bad.  Continued loss of vision, continuing damage to the entire nervous system and on and on.

So I sit and wait.  Is the  long awaited cure or even partial cure around the corner or a surrender?

I do not see myself blogging much this week.  I only have a few good hours a day, and I need to get as much done as possible before the surgery.

I hope to be able to blog next Monday night after a day of rest post surgery.  We shall see,


The candidates are doing their jobs - the liars and manipulators are posting their nonsense unchallenged.

I like most Americans am tired out of elections.  The blogs are doing too much coverage this far out.

The BV will be there the week before early voting.

We will have a better sense of the candidates and issues as they see them.


Tonight at Bingo a woman I have known for some time came up to me and took my hand in a very comforting way and squeezed it.  These women speaking out against Joe Biden make a mockery of real victims.  As to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner trying to make these claims against Joe Biden as dispicable to get their name in the paper I say I will vote Trump before I vote for either Sanders or Warren..  These accusers should be ashamed of themselves when there have been so many real victims ignored because of the nonsense of these news accusers.

Oh God please to the warm hearted never stop giving people affectioned hugs or kisses on the forehead.  We cannot let opportunists like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren win on being human

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