Wednesday, April 3, 2019


It is no news that McHale will promote anyone for money.  He hates Brownsville, and although he denies it vehemently he is a huge racist.  McHale would have you believe that the National Chamber of Commerce declared East Texas the most corrupt judicial region in the U.S., all Anglo Republican judges, because Mexicans put a mickey in their drinks.  His endless depiction of the Border being corrupt because of its Mexican heritage is extreme racism and defies the endless corruption and break-down of government throughout the country.  But it plays well to the trolls and racists who love his writings.

From McHale:

"Nobody will argue that Gilberto "Hooters" Hinojosa hasn't failed enriching himself via politics, but as a BISD trustee and Cameron County Judge he was a bust, the electorate finally rising and voting him out of the latter post. "

All you need to know about Cindi Hinojosa is she paid a porn blogger who has trashed her husband endlessly for a job on the public tit.  If you thought Gilbert was a man of low character, Cindi Hinijosa may have actually outdone her husband.

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