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Jim's delutional lie. "Bobby expects his advertising program to be a success:"  Exactly what I said on the possible success of the experiment. "The problem, I do not doubt one bit Saenz and several judges will retaliate against any lawyer who takes out an ad with the BV.  This is why I am feeling this experiment may not get off the ground."  When lying comes this easy to someone, you must ask, are they delusional or just a sociopath?

My post which he will only post because I am posting it here.  My post was clear I mentioned my business assets as proof I will pay the Cameron County Appraisal District for my business assets if I accept ads.  You would never know that by Jim's pitiful attack.  But Jim is fine with his lovers McHale and Montoya not reporting their blogging assets and paying taxes.  That is about right, the type character you would expect of someone endorsing Nurith Galonsky.

I have printed over and over again I am not against ads.  I am against paying for attack ads or paying to have your campaign promoted with lies, false polls and false interviews.  Jim knows the truth, but  he knows I am hitting Nurith hard so he has to out tight lie, hold me in false light, and to defame me to protect Nurith Galonsky.

My post on Jim's page:

You know Jim being nice to you is not possible.  You just out right lie left and right in this post.  You simply choose to make it appear I need new equipment when I made no such statement.  I clearly stated these are my assets for tax purposes and I would claim a DBA so the county appraisal district can tax me.  Do you really believe your readers cannot understand the difference between being up front about paying taxes and me trying to suggest I need new equipment.  My roll top is worth over 10K.  It is solid Oak.  My hard drive is portable and new.  The computer is just a processor.  As to comments, you just pull this shit out of your ass.  It has nothing to do with the pod cast.  It has to do you with being so desperate for comments you encourage the lying deceiving trolls.  The BV does not need those comments for readers. Even Jerry and Duardo gets that issue. You do not.  Further my post makes clear I am doing fine financially.  I just decided after so many lawyers asking me about ads, I needed to reconsider my approach but set out clear rules.

God Jim, does the truth even matter to you?.  We all know your problem.  You are hiding it from no one.  You hate Rick Longoria and I am telling the truth about Nurith.  Grow a pair Jim and learn to be a man.  You cannot stand I speak the truth about Nurith and you have to attack whenever any speaks ill of the candidate you support.You are so blinded by your hatred  for Rick you cannot see just how bad Nurith is for Brownsville.

Every time I try and be nice you have to go on an attack with lies and deception.  What the hell is wrong with you?  I am not worried about my readership.  Lawyers and other public officials thank me all of the time for my frankness.  

It is funny how you moderated out my comments which were not troll comments but did not celebrate Nurith, but now raise them while you continue to post the worthless troll comments.  Your standards are non existent and soon enough Ana will see you are not want she wants. She cannot be that stupid.

Bobby WC

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