Saturday, April 13, 2019


Barton as always owns the meetings. He is giving good coverage of the forums.  Personally I am bored of the forums. especially since the bread and butter questions are not getting through and the people are not being heard.  But to the extent anything is getting said, Barton is giving of his personal time to bring it to us.

Even Duardo who started the campaign season with the same old nonsense has landed some important interviews which have been insightful.

Yes we have all fought in the past and will fight in the future.  We are big boys and will survive it.

Personally I would love for this evolution of the blogs to continue.

I have said over and over again, Montoya can be the best blogger out there with real news, but he is addicted to the attack for pay.  I am convinced if he would just go legit he could bring in at least 4k a month in ads.

I have no issue with ads.  I think Jim should try and add some to supplement his income.  But you cannot use the paid for ads as an excuse to manipulate the news.  That is my only complaint.

I know for a fact I have sent information to every blogger to help them with their stories.  I have insight they do not.  Trust me CNN when it comes to the courts has no one on staff who understands the  courts and I mean no one.CNN like other news services have become microcosms of what they live in their privileged worlds while the real problems of the people go unreported.  I am so done with Trump coverage.  It is so simple - Putin wanted Trump to win, Trump wanted to win.  No collusion just the same end game.

McHale is lost in his world of the unexplained.  He does not lie because be does not know what a lie is.  He was never embraced by the community.  More and more politicos know they have nothing to fear with his extortionist attacks because everyone knows that is what they are.  McHale has shot his last load.

In simple terms I have stood with all of Saenz's victims.  I know Saenz ran to cover up the murder of Mary Tipton and Maria Fidela Garza.  How can I repeatedly stand with these victims families and then turn a blind eye to anyone who is running for public office who embraces Saenz's endorsement? I cannot and will not.  These lives matter and anyone and I mean anyone who embraces Saenz's endorsement is saying his conduct in covering up the murder of these women is justified.  It is not.  

That is the line.  Now no candidate can bar Saenz from endorsing them, but they can refuse to appear with him.  I will stand with Mary Tipton and Maria Fidela Garza and  their families before I stand with any candidate who accepts Saenz's endorsement.  Politics is about building a machine and endorsements but the line is when you embrace a Saenz.  You can embrace someone who has been less than honest in dealings with the city if they bring a good idea to the table today.  Big difference

Anyway I hope some of the good currently coming out of some of the blogs continues.  It bodes well for Brownsville's future.

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