Saturday, April 20, 2019


Trey will never believe me, but you cannot work with people like John Cowen Jr. or Nurith Galonsky.  The Martinez Galonsky blindside against Trey with disinformation was a classic cut throat Survivor blindside.

Trey had to have known John and Nurith were with Martinez from day one.  He was used to get his good name to move them up the ranks, although their personal wealth did not hurt them.  For Nurith and John Trey was just a temporary member of a team until the time came to destroy.

Survivor is a game for a million dollars. elective office is about the people.  John Cowen Jr. and Nurith Galonsky do not give a damn about the people.

I posted the following on Montoya's page.  Since I have no way of knowing if it will get through I repost it here.

First for people who want to see this ad you can better read it on Trey for Mayor's FB page.  If you know Trey you know he never could have been part of this.  Trey has always been the real thing.  But he failed to understand alliances and how they are just temporary to move yourself forward.  Trey has known the truth about Tony Martinez since well before the last election.  He never hid it from anyone.  He was very open.

 I hope Rick Longoria can pull off an Alex Dominguez and overcome the money which is the only reason John and Nurith are even being discussed by anyone.  Alex and I may have our differences but he did a great service for the people when with no money and against the Austin machines he proved you can still beat a Rene Olivera.

John is just a bad person.  The Texas Ethics Commission will investigate my claim of Laundering of Campaign money.  It may then open the door to investigating Nurith.  When you first meet Nurith she is charming, and appears educated.  She is charming and beautiful, but when you ask her about anything she is clueless.  Did she really believe she was helping Trey by her BS appearances with him?  Did she believe her daddy was not going to help Tony to destroy Trey at the 11th hour?  She cannot be that stupid.  This ad does have one lie. Nurith was not part of Tenaska, but she has publicly stated she inherited the problem and then seeks to avoid it.  I think that is worse.

I love Survivor because the winner is almost always the one who knows when they are in a fake alliance and know how and when to start dumping those who will go after them first.  Trey did not get this.  Trey's strength in personality, and drive for downtown will be good for Brownsville.  But his personality does not allow him to see the game of convenient alliances.  This is how I am 100% certain he never could have been party to this ad.  With the exception of saying Nurith was part of Tenaska, I am very happy with this ad and hope it does major damage to Tony, John and Nurith.  I know Rick has been sick, but I am still hoping he can pull off an Alex Dominguez and over come the money.

But people in the future if you decide to accept an endorsement from another elected official you better know just how big that person's opposition is.  In a three way a Saenz endorsement can kill your chances.  No one in the anti-Saenz opposition is going to vote for you.  These are solid people.

Trey remains the best choice for mayor.  He has a lot of learning to do outside the downtown issue.  Trey and Ben have made downtown into great issues.  I am very excited for downtown and the help the small business owners are going to get.  This is one big win for downtown and it belongs to Trey and Ben.

Ben and Trey as a team could turn the corruption in this town upside down and move Brownsville forward so, so fast.  It is sad thought Ben is with Galonsky.  But I can assure you Mayor Trey Mendez will work well with Ben to help downtown explode into a wonderful place to visit at night.  It will bring in a lot of tax dollars to address other issues in the city.

I get Ben's loyalty to Galonsky, but dude you know how Galonsky and Martinez worked together to mislead the people on the Lily Tecero issue.  If I had the money I would do a mailer quoting Tecero's lawyers admitting the federal courts had no jurisdiction over the breach of contract issue. Tony lies and in his lies exposes the taxpayers to this judgment. Ben you know TSC is so much better off.  You know Galonsky and Martinez are lying.  You are better than this Ben.  Do the right thing and go after Galonsky and Martinez for the people's mayor, Trey Mendez.

Bobby WC

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