Wednesday, April 24, 2019


For a mayoral election this is not good news since about 60-65% of the vote will be early voting.  With the numbers being this low I would submit we have a more deliberate voter versus a lot of blind female voters.  This could impact the final results.

At this point I would submit those voting are voting with specific intent for a particular candidate.  This means the voters the candidates are getting to the polls.

Sorry for so little blogging,.  Computer time is very, very limited with the blurred vision.


Anonymous said...

bobby the numbers for this election are actually much higher than the last election in 2015. Check it out.

BobbyWC said...

I hope you are correct. My computer time is very limited. The vision and headaches are bad. On day one I did look for 2015 which is thevcoreect comparison and could not find anything. If anyone can help let me know

BobbyWC said...

Rejected. No one wants to hear from Mikes paud hacks

BobbyWC said...

Why would I approve a verified liar's comments. your obsessive need to come to the BV every morning to attack with distractions tells me all I need to know about you.

You claim I do not let comments through which do not agree with me. Well my readers are not stupid they know the truth. Just the other day a reader sought to correct my or extend my discussion on how roofs are done. His comment go through and I thanked him. I thank people all of the time for helpful comments which make the story better or corrects a mistake.

You attack me publicly as being the biggest censor on the blogs. Point blank lie. I allow comments which extend the discussion or correct my mistakes. You just simply ignored the fact McHale allows no comments on his blogs. At least I only stop the trolls, but let others through.

You make Montoya the best blogger. Everyone in social media has called him out as having nothing but bought and paid for attacks. He has been sued repeatedly. Money has been paid out because of his stories - thank you very much Juanito - again.

You will never be taken seriously because you seem to think everyone is too stupid to see the obvious. See my story I am about to post and you might learn how a story is really written versus the garbage Montoya prints, your hero. You know why I have the story, because everyone works with me and gets me the real facts. And with the real facts, I get the story Montoya wanted but failed to see because he was writing for pay.

Bobby WC