Saturday, April 13, 2019


But right now he is in his honeymoon period.  


Maybe a year or so ago the city passed an ordinance that you cannot park longways out in a cul-de-sac.  I was very happy because I have been  dealing with this problem with my neighbor and his automotive repair shop for years.  In fact once, my insurance had to pay when I tapped an illegally parked car blocking my driveway.

Today I almost hit police cruiser 306 which was parked longways and partially blocking my driveway.  He was there on personal business. After pulling out of my driveway having had it with this problem I stopped and called 911.  The second I gave the dispatcher the cruiser number she hung up me without asking my location or name.  I called back a total of 4 times before I was allowed to speak with SGT Lopez.

Well my roommate reports shortly after I left the cul-de-sac the police officer got a call on his chest radio and left immediately.  The dispatcher needsto be fired upon proper investigation and affording of her due process rights.

Had I hit the cruiser I would have been cited even though he was illegally parked and blocking my driveway.  The other two cars also illegally parked were not ticketed.

By about 2:15 SGT Lopez assured me someone would be dispatched to deal with the other cars and the repair business issue.  It is 4:01 and my roommate whose window faces the direct area says no one ever showed.

Chief Saucedo, I expect to be allowed to sign a formal complaint against the officer in cruiser 306, SGT Lopez and the dispatcher who hung up on me and gave the officer a heads up about my complaint.  This is not how you clean up the mess left by Rodriguez.

If this is how it is going to be then we know we have another Chief Rodriguez and I will not put up with it.

Again we all know what would have happened had I hit the cruiser illegally parked and blocking my driveway.


Chief it is time to end the civil rights violations of the sex, drug, alcohol addicted women downtown.  I have the name of the officers who in exchange for oral sex allow them to conduct their business without citation.

In some cases, and this was reported under Chief Rodriguez the women are taken to another home and police cruisers are spotted out in front of the home.  The neighbors complained to Chief Rodriguez to no avail.

If I get just one of these women to prefer charges the city can go bankrupt as the list grows.  I do not care how many divorces I cause, I am so ready to start publishing the names.

How do I know this, because unlike all three mayoral candidates I live in the trenches with the people and am connected to their every day plight under the tyranny of the Brownsville Police Department.

I know there are good officers.  They are embarrassed by this endless non-sense.

Chief I trust you care - I have been told by many people you really want to fix the corruption within the BPD.  I expect a call on Monday to sign the complaint against the officer illegally parked and not ticketing his  friends for also being illegally parked, the dispatcher and SGT Lopez for blowing me off.

Chief this is your chance to show you mean business.  Yes it is small, but  it is also a big warning shot to all officers you mean business.

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