Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Owen roofing has been getting a free ad for years, and will always get a free ad.  He was key in helping me choose this house when for free he came out and assessed the roof.  When the time came he got the business.

A little something.  When  they deliver the shingles they lift them to roof height so all the workers have to do is take them off the pallet at roof height.  Every couple of months a new roof goes on in my neighborhood.  A lot of them are done by Owen.  But the ones which are not do not make for happy roofers.

Think for a second.  You are the guy who is going to put on the roof.  When you start is your mood going to be better after spending hours carrying the shingles on your shoulder to the roof up a ladder, or taking the shingles off of pallets which have been raised to the height of the roof?  His workers appreciate these little things.  They also put tarp around the house to catch the shingles and then roll it up and dump it in the dumpster.  You get what you pay for and with Owen you get the best.


Well this morning he was second in line with me to vote.  He was telling me he gets business from the ad and that even sometimes people who hire him ask him how he got hook up with me.  It made me feel good because it told me smart people who may not like my writings, still make the right business decision and goes with Owen Roofing. To those readers thanks for being so open minded
and putting smart business decisions first.


I have been approach with ads.  We are talking. For now I am the problem because I like these people and do not want to hurt their business.  We are working out the specifics.  We shall see.  If I can get the ads the BV will be better.  I admit I need to rethink how I approach some stories.


The staples are out - I had it done in SA yesterday.  In a month I go back and he adjusts  the fluid flow away from the brain and then I go only once a year.

I am iffy on my vision and can only work on the computer for an hour before the vision goes and the headache becomes unbearable.  The neuropathy is 100% gone.  I am off three medicines for good.  Happy as can be,



Here is the deal - the fee is $250 a month for an ad you submit.  It cannot be demeaning to the profession.  Brownsville has a lot of good lawyers.  They will be permanently placed on the right side.  First come first served.

The problem, I do not doubt one bit Saenz and several judges will retaliate against any lawyer who takes out an ad with the BV.  This is why I am feeling this experiment may not get off the ground.

As a lawyer, if you run for office, the ad will have to stop.  I will be in a no win situation.  If I cover the election honestly it may mean going after my advertiser - so be it.  But if I reject all of the troll garbage and lies then I will be accused of being bought. I have been very strong in my opposition to Cabler, but yet I have rejected a ton of anti-Cabler troll comments.  Hence no ads for lawyers who run for public office.  I may eventually try it.  If I do there will be no third party payments.

From my perspective I think I can actually help the candidates, even those opposing each other, if they are running ads because they will keep an open door with me and I can give them my honest opinion about matters.  By allowing me to challenge them while they run ads, tells the voters they are transparent and open to discussion.  Not a bad thing for the record.

It is no great secret, Cata, Pat, and Ben and I have all had our battles but in each case in this election because Brownsville comes first, I have put aside our differences.


Upon payment of the first Ad I will set up a DBA with the city and notify the tax office to access the property taxes on the business.  It will be public record what I pay.  My roll top desk is about 17 years old, my computer is about maybe 8 years old, and my printer is brand new.  

The money will help fund my work.  Financially I am getting back on my feet.  I just got a project which will pay all May bills.  I lost a lot of work time this year.  Thank god for gay divorces.  They are really no different than any other divorce but the lawyers do not see it, so they are paying me to handle everything.  There is absolutely no difference between a gay and straight divorce.  The issues which can come up are identical.   I know a troll who knows nothing about the reality of straight divorces will claim differences, but there are none.

If just one lawyer takes an ad, I think it will expand.  I will not cover their cases unless it is a high profile case and they will be treated just like opposing counsel. 

The obstacle is  Saenz and certain judges will retaliate against any lawyer who takes out an ad from me.  Also I will have to rethink how I approach judicial corruption.   It needs to be addressed but me rethinking how I approach it may be good for the BV and my writing.

By the way no amount of hydrocodone will kill the headaches or address the pain in my eyes.  But the neuropathy is gone, although I have leg pain.  On balance I feel alive and healthy in ways I have not felt in years.

Email if you want to take an ad, and we will work it out.  You cannot control my content, but I know reality means I will have to change how I cover judicial corruption.  I will still cover it, but just with a lighter finger.


And for the record guys I know this is a long shot.  But I also know when you take valid ads, it changes your editorial approach and I accept that, with the exception of no sacred cows.


No one who is currently getting free ads has ever asked I take it down.  They are making money and the few ads actually provide important information to the community.

An inherent problem I have thought about a lot is refusing complaints about someone who takes an ad with the BV.  Okay a furniture store takes out an ad.  Then comes the complaints by the consumer they were cheated.  They may have been cheated.  But the BV has no desire to do an investigation of such claims.  If you send me a complaint against a furniture store now I will tell you not interested.  But if I carry their ad, then I am running cover for them when in fact I am not because even without the ad I would have said not interested.

The local TV news like those stories so there is a venue for the consumer to be heard,


Anonymous said...

"When you start is your mood going to be better after spending hours carrying the shingles on your shoulder to the roof up a ladder, or taking the shingles off of pallets which have been raised to the height of the roof?"

All hardware delivery trucks do not deliver shingles on pallets any more. The delivery trucks now have conveyors that lift the packs of shingles to the top of the roof for the roofing contractors. There is no more taking shingles up the ladder or taking shingles off a pallet raised to the height of the roof. Your article could have been accurate a few years ago; however, the construction business has change so much in recent years. This comment is not made to prove you wrong but to provide insight to your statement. You certainly do not want people thinking that you still live in the stone age.

BobbyWC said...

I do not doubt different ways of moving the shingles are being developed, but I can assure you within the last month I have seen workers carrying the shingles up the ladder.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Just for your information. Goggle: Conveyor Trucks in Action - YouTube

See McCoy's conveyor trunk in action. Thanks for posting my comment.

BobbyWC said...

I love Mccoys and Glore lumbar