Thursday, April 18, 2019


From Montoya's blog. " Anonymous said...
Any purchasing person with any kind of degree? No. Just like the finance dept with no CPA ever has or ever will work there. All cronys. Public works? No engineer, a Cabler crony incharge, don't even think he has any degree whatsover. Planning? All kinds of non-planners in there. City auditor? He's a nurse or something, no audit or accounting degree whatsoever. What exactly has the new City manager done to get rid of the calbler cronys? Nothing. BPUB 50K per year for those guys raise voted by the Golansky woman year after year...
April 17, 2019 at 8:49 PM"
I cannot speak to the last issue about the pay raises, but the fundamental problem with the city is exactly as the commentator states.  But no candidate wants to talk about it.  If you have a hands off policy on talking about the source of the problem then as a candidate or elected official you have nothing to offer the people.

Last Summer I wrote about how embarrassed I was over the filth in the county bathrooms at Isla Blanca.  Between the restrooms and the rudeness of security when it comes to handicapped people I no longer take family to Isla Blanca.

But where is the problem? No one wants to discuss it.  The County Commissioners are too busy getting compadres jobs to be concerned with competence.  It is the same with the city.

So for me all of these endless complaints by people who refuse to even acknowledge the source of the problem are just worthless complaints.  The COB needs a major house cleaning of its top executives.  I still consider the new city manager to be on his honeymoon.  He knows all too well if he steps on the wrong toes he is toast.  The same goes for the new police chief.  I like them both, but fear for them at the same time.  

I am a problem solver.  Years ago I called for the hiring and firing of all school district superintendents by the Regional TEA office.  There are good people out there who cannot do their job because they walk on glass every day when dealing with the Board.  Our city manager, police chief, city attorney all need greater protections from discharge because the Commission is not getting their way of compadreism or fixed contracts.

Yes I am turned off by this election.  Why?  No one is speaking to the truth of the problems or proposing real meaningful solutions.  This is why I like the above comment.  At least the person is addressing the core problem with the city.


When asked about the Tenaska and BPUB issue she said she inherited the problem.  What a cop-out.  It does not matter if you inherited the problem it is still a problem.  Look I am not looking to have the money in reserves to be refunded to the people.  But we can force the issue that all of that money be designated for infrastructure issues for the city.  That releases other funds from the budget for other city improvements.

There is no justification for the fuel surcharge.  It angers me the candidates are not speaking to this issue.  Why the surcharge was added is public record.  Based on the reasoning there is no justification for the surcharge at this time.  Why are all the candidates not demanding it be removed from our bills.

There should be no discussion.  The rates need to be rolled back to the pre Tenaska deal.  The deal failed and it is time to reduce the rates the people are paying.

No Nurith you do not get to run from it because you inherited the problem.  It is your job to fix it now that you are on the BPUB and a candidate.  But like most people running you have no connection to the average Joe who cannot afford their bills.

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