Saturday, March 16, 2019


Well I am doing more or less.  My vision remains very, very improved since removing the fluid from the brain.  Other things have gotten better and others remain the same.  I have 5 sessions of physical therapy left.  This is my third round since the spinal surgery.

I highly recommend Brownsville Physical Therapy, on Boca Chica.  I have used other facilities in Brownsville, and there is no comparison. This time they are rebuilding me leg muscles.  My thighs and gluts build up real fast.  I love how defined they are becoming again.

My cognitive issues are iffy.  Some days are very good, others are real bad.  I cannot wait until the 20th when I learn if the brain neurosurgeon is going to go forward with the shunting or schedule me for another lumbar drain when I start to lose my vision again.

On a related note I see another surgeon locally for a related surgery.  The surgery has been approved.  I just need to see if this surgeon I trust is willing to take the recommendation of the VA, based on regulations, and the endocrinologist.


I will begin with why I am a strong supporter of Pat AhumadaMy support is not based on anti-Jessica or anti-Cata. But I will say Pat's and Cata's strong support for residential development for low income and middle income make both strong on people first.

I wish someone would talk about bringing a grocery store to our area.  A Fiesta would be great.  But another signature HEB would also be awesome.  I hate driving all the way to the other side of town for basic items, which the HEB and Walmart on Boca Chica do not carry.


Pat is the biggest policy wonk in town.  This is his greatest strength.  He has a great vision for Brownsville.  The BV is the only blog which promotes Brownsville.  I believe in Brownsville.  Unfortunately while most of the people are amazing and embracing, most of our politicos are shits.

I take Pat at his word, his new wife has calmed him.  His story is human.  In the podcast, Jessica and Cata made  themselves into martyrs, while Pat confessed judgment to his past transgressions without excuses.  He had more to say on specific policy than any other candidate.  I love his idea of allowing private businesses to build the bus shelters while allowing them to make money on advertising.


I have supported Pat on the weir dam since day one.  I believe Pat will continue to push the idea if elected.  I just hope he understands for now the back up of water needs to be limited to provide for Space X and some farmers.

If the Space X angle is used there is a good chance the state and feds will pay for it.  Once built it will be easier years later to back up the river for a river front for Brownsville.

The wider river works into the argument for a better barrier against illegal immigration.  In the hands of  the right advocates this could happen.

Of course a big issue has been Mexico.  Matamoros needs a lot of money to change  the infrastructure long the river before a river front is possible.


I know Pat well enough that he will work real hard to get Matamoros and Tamulipas to legalize gambling now that the federal government has made it a local option.  They can designate the taxes to rebuilding the infrastructure along the river.

Ideas are great, but you must find a way to pay for it.


Well as is now known, El Jardin is under contract.  It is in stage one which after the initial inspection a final price will be negotiated.

For everything that went wrong with Casa del Nylon, if the current plan comes to fruition, the facade will be made to complement Market Square, and help expedite the creation of new businesses.


If gambling comes to Matamoros there will be a need for hotels downtown with shuttles to the casinos in Matamoros.  This is a win win for both sides of the border.  This in turn will bring more restaurants and other services downtown.  Matamoros with the taxes from gambling will have the incentive to redo the infrastructure along the rivers to allow for the weir dam and new hotels.

Yes this is a vision.


Pat has the perfect solution for bus shelters costing the city nothing.  We need a commissioner who will advocate for a new high end grocery store.  

Our district does have new apartments and new housing developments.  New businesses are opening all of the time.  

If we want more we need a city commissioner who can push real estate development which will raise tax revenues thereby giving the city more money to spend on our district.


Is it Tetreau v. Cata or Mike Hernandez v. Abraham Galonsky.  In case you have not noticed there is no secret Tetreau is Mike's puppet to the point of opposing low to middle income new housing.  Cata's case raises an if.  There is no real proof she is going to be a puppet for Galonsky.  Yea, that is not Cata, unless there is something in it for her.  If you have not noticed the same lawyer who represented Nurith Galonsky in the GBIC lawsuit is representing Cata in the ballot contest with Jessica.  This should raise an eyebrow.  But to be honest I do not see Cata doing any one's bidding unless she gets something for it.  Also if she has a campaign in the district, as someone who lives in the district, I have not seen it.


I will finish the election discussion tomorrow.  I spent a lot of time on Pat because he is a policy wonk and an expert in the areas which could eventually turn downtown into a major tourist attraction.

For now the downtown businesses get an A+ for how  they are constantly hosting events to bring people downtown.  I have not been since I rarely drive and especially at night.  I am hoping to convince my roommate to take me to one of the events, or at least accompany me for my safety and I will pay for Uber.


Mike Hernandez can be salvaged.  He just aligned with Carlos Marin which  destroyed his reputation from day  one.  Also his my way or the highway does not work.  Silencing opposition also does not work.  Also buying majority votes does not work.  Good ideas and executing on them does work.  The politicos will flock to you when you as a private citizen bring good  change without all of his game playing.

TEXAS A & M - Mike will become a trustee.  If he wants to own the reputation of a real mover for the people he needs to work overtime to get A & M to bring a full campus to Brownsville sharing space with TSC.  We need A & M to expand their engineering program to the TSC campus.  We need Texas A & M to bring a good business school to Brownsville.

If as a trustee Mike Hernandez can do this, the BV will be the first to celebrate him as someone doing real meaningful things for Brownsville. But if he continues doing business the way he is doing business, no one who can make the A & M thing work will work with him.

Mike needs new advisers who will help him navigate Brownsville, instead of the people who just associate with him for money.  Brownsville has many volunteers which will cost Mike not one penny to start on a new meaningful path.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you
Pat has the experience, intelligence, and knowledge to move the district and city forward
I live in Land o lakes and will be voting for him. We need a motivated and ethical individual who is humble and interested in the betterment of the city and not the betterment if himself or his appearance.

Jim Barton said...

I agree Pat has more ideas than anyone, just can't get past his deposit of a vendor's check in his personal account in 2008. That, to me, is a permanent disqualifier. Thoughtful, well written article, BTW.


Anonymous said...

Y el cheque que papito...ehh?

BobbyWC said...

Jim I get the check issue and why this causes people to distrust Pat. In the end it cost Brownsville nothing and Pat his reputation. Cata cost BISD millions in her alliance with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla. This is really unforgiveable. You know as well as I do had the BV not broke the story on Fly Frontera, and other groups standing up to it Carlos would have walked away with millions. On Jessica if I need to make an argument I lost before I started.

We know Jessica will try and create a majority of 4 for Mike Hernandez. Cata is iffy. I know for a fact, just learned at a lunch invite, the same person telling people to vote for Cabler and TSC already paid Lily Tercero 6 million is pushing Cata. They you have the same lawyer who represented Nurith representing Cata. Pat is the only guarantee he will not be part of a majority of 4. The Cabler campaign worker is a piece of work. There is no lie he will not tell to discredit Trey to get people to vote for Cabler. Why is Cata associating with such a person?

As to Nurith let me say I do not get to vote in that one. She is a big riddle to me. Based on one on one discussions with her she is uncomfortable with lies and dirty politics. She is more gracious than any female candidate I have seen in Brownsville for 14 years. So long as she does not have her 4 person majority I think she will be great for Brownsville.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What does Pat Ahumada’s thoughts of Carlis Marin? This will help a lot of people decide whether to vote for him or not.

Anonymous said...

" We need A & M to expand their engineering program to the TSC campus. We need Texas A & M to bring a good business school to Brownsville."

What makes you think that Texas A & M would expand their engineering program or bring a business school to a community college? Texas A & M has been building campuses throughout the state. They build a campus in San Antonio and they can do the same here.

Perhaps, you can offer your expertise as a new adviser that will help Mike navigate Brownsville in a new direction instead of suggesting for others to do so. Stand up and be counted as one that can lead this community.

BobbyWC said...

If you read my original post A & M is expanding all over the valley. Jarlingen got the engineering program. They are committed to the LRGV according to their statements. If Mike is going to be a trustee it is for him to learn about A & M's growth policy in the LRGV and use his position to get help in Brownsville.

It is absurd that I should have to educate Mike about A & M's expansion into the LRGV when he is the trustee and the one with the influence.

BObby WC