Friday, March 8, 2019


Well they did it this morning.  I am on hold for another 24 hours in SA. Just standing is painful and I am not allowed to sit.  So I am at the Marriott Stone Oak off 1604 in bed until tomorrow morning.  I have to remain flat on my back.  My nephew is my drive and attending to me.


The nerve damage is so extension I did not feel even one of his four attempts to puncture my spine.  But just before he finished I told him I had a weird feeling in my head but it was not a headache.  He said I was feeling the brain decompress.  Within the hour my vision started to restore.  But  the feeling of the brain decompressing was weird - I liked it.

Guys I am not complaining about my health.  I am trying to educate.  I know enough to know that doctors miss a lot and hope if someone reading this learns something.  People are losing their vision and doctors just say there is no explanation.  Well there is.

I'm feeling well.  I will have an early lunch with a friend tomorrow and then my nephew and I will drive back.  I am not driving at all.

I will know on the 20th if the brain neurosurgeon is going to schedule the shunting.  I am typing with no problem without my reading glasses.  Everything is so clear. 

I will order in from grubhub while my nephew goes to bingo with his sister.

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