Monday, March 4, 2019


Today a seemingly health Luke Perry died of a stroke.  You see doctors, keep on pushing this myth about diet and exercise.  Now I do not know all of the specific of Luke Perry's health.  It is possible based on a family history his doctor had him on a blood thinner.

My brother has normal BP, normal blood sugar, normal lipids, and about the perfect weight  for someone about to turn 70.  But yet he has for heart stints from four separate incidents.  I do not drink or rarely do whereas my brother does on a regular social basis.  I spent years very overweight, but my heart cath, and echo showed my arteries to be very clean.  I take a cholesterol and BP medicine, and fish oil.

The difference is genetics and diet.  I am certain people who have a horrible diet bring about heart attacks at an early age.  My point is we need to get beyond diet and exercise.  This is body shaming.  I always tell people, regardless of your age, once 50, get a heart cath and echo of your heart.  I do not care if you are perfectly fit on the outside.  The outside does not matter.  What will kill you is on the inside.

The man who was the trainer on the biggest loser who was about 7% body fat had a heart attack and now promotes medication for the heart.  

I do believe in exercise and diet.  What I do not believe in is telling people exercise and diet will keep you healthy and body shaming.  Blood work will tell the doctor if you clot to fast.  A heart cath and echo will tell you if you are developing a blockage problem.

Being physically fit by appearance does not mean you are healthy.

If you know you are truly exercising and eating healthy and remain very overweight see a real doctor who can test you for any number of medical conditions which can impact your weight regardless of died and exercise.

Also if you are over 50 demand you primary care physician send you for a heart cath and echo.  This is  the only way they are going to know regardless of your weight and diet if your are developing a blockage problem.  Demand they check your blood for clotting.  

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