Wednesday, March 27, 2019


All Montoya does is demand someone should file a complaint against any given judge.  And his troll readers always post the same thing.  We all know as to Elia Cornejo Lopez, unless someone pays Montoya a lot of money he will never file on her although he is demanding someone should.  This is assuming he could ever find his gonads with the Hubble Telescope.

Like I said I would have bet my gonads [reminder note - both men and women have gonads so I use the word so as not to suggest testicles are better than overies when it comes to fighting a battle] I had zero chance of getting the DOJ to authorize me to sue the dishonorable Susan McCoy who violated my civil rights while running cover for Mike Hernandez and Carlos Marin.  But I fight anyway and never say "someone should do something."  And in Susan McCoy's case I won.  Hopefully the press will pick up on it and other attorneys will find their gonads and do the same against other judges.  For the same act the Commission on Judicial Conduct found no wrongdoing the DOJ found enough evidence to raise a fact question for the court.


Yes there have been offers to pay my fees and then some to fight Mike Hernandez and fight for my brother.  But the offers have come from candidates, elected officials, and even retired judges.  For obvious reasons I had to turn them down.  But these leeches who want to take Mike Hernandez down who cannot come up with at least $100.00 disgust me.  They are as guilty as Mike Hernandez.  They can travel the world and then claim poverty when you ask them to help.  In reality they are worse than Mike Hernandez because they are  turning a blind eye to what is happening.  The lawsuit is coming along.  I'm almost done, I just two ahead of it before Friday.  I will do my best.  I have drafts of all three, so now I have to write my Response to any Motion to Dismiss to insure I am not missing anything.

I have someone coming over to see what I can sell on EBay.  Like my brother sometimes I will have two and three things of the same tools for no other reason I like tools. So I will just have to live with one of each.

This battle is for the Constitution and not me or my brother.  If I can find an honest federal judge, I can open the door to destroying the corrupt state judges and the State Bar who protect the criminal attorneys and the Commission on Judicial Conduct which protects the corrupt judges.

For the record, all three include the State Bar and Commission on Judicial Conduct as criminal enterprises.  I have a ton of evidence against both they are covering for attorneys and judges engaged in criminal conduct thereby actively abolishing the Constitutional right to redress.

You can bet the farm Montoya will be on the attack, unless it is true Hernandez has him tied down to remain silent.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is the way things go in Brownsville. I was so stupid. For years, I rabidly defended Brownsville against those who would attack it, but the simple fact is nothing is ever going to change here. Compadrismo and cronyism are orders of the day. People don't say anything or complain about the judges because they fear retaliation. In dark corners, they talk about how a favorable ruling can be bought with five to ten thousand dollars, but nobody has ever done anything to complain about it. Nobody complains about the people in power because inevitably, those people with power have rats in every corner of the city, then they'll find out who you are and crack down on you.

If you dare question politicians or political candidates, you're labeled as a crazy person, or racist, or sexist, or something else. It has taken me this long to realize I'm fighting a losing battle and all I'm doing is wasting my time. You can't help people who don't want to help themselves. I give up. Let Brownsville and the rest of Cameron County come crashing down on itself. I don't care anymore.

BobbyWC said...

i HEAR YOUR words and all to understand the fear of retaliation. I think I have done contempt three times with pride. I eventually won 2 and got out of jail. The first time while I was still being process. Federal Judge Gdobey committed felony perjury to have me held in contempt. The senate had his testimony and the documents which showed the perjury. But Senator Leahy a Democrat let it go in exchange for 3 federal judges he wanted getting approved. I stopped it initially, But I could not beat the corruption of Democratic Senator Leahy. Unless the Senate record has been destroyed the testimony of federal judge Godbey committing perjury, and the court record which proves it, remains in the record. The Democrats are a joke,

I'm fighting. There is no attorney in this county who even knew you could get permission from DOJ to sue a state judge for violating the ADA. I won that battle.

We just need to keep fighting. But my money is now down to nothing. Using money what was designated for retirement is killing me. But I will do best to keep the battle going.

We need a public group closed to outsiders. The problem is you form these groups and the corrupt officials have their people go and report lies and try and destroy the group. This is why it needs to be closed.

If I could accept money from candidates, elected officials and former judges, I would be fine. But then my credibility and those of the donors would be destroyed. It is said these are the only people willing to help and I cannot accept their help.

Bobby WC

Bobby Wc