Friday, March 8, 2019


This morning Rick Zayas for Jessica non-suited the city.  A non-suit takes effect immediately, but an order is still signed for time table issues.  With the case non-suited Rene De Coss still filed an answer for the city this afternoon.

Then to make things worse Rene helped Jessica to get a faster hearing,  Jessica filed with the court an order for a temporary injunction on the 22nd, based on after the answer date.  But De Coss waived that issue by filing an answer now for the city and city secretary.  I hope Presas-Garcia does not make the same mistake.  The ballots are being mailed for printing on the 14the of March.  Cata should answer at the last minute once the ballots are already being printed.  The case then becomes moot.

Why did De Coss file an early answer to help Jessica?  There was no reason for it other than to allow Jessica to get a hearing by the 14th?  The city commission needs to open an investigation against De Coss for acting to help Jessica.


Anonymous said...

Decoss was probably pressured by Jessica to do it, plain and simple. You are correct, there should be an investigation to see if Jessica pressured Decoss into filing a response early. If it turns out to be true, Decoss should be terminated and Jessica is going to be voted out of office anyway.

Anonymous said...

Post 7:05 am

Jessica is going no where, she is the choice! The other two had their chance and they blew it big time!