Friday, March 22, 2019


It is actually the silliest of  things, but Eric would rather destroy his career rather than admit one of his clerks messed up. The party has the email from Rick Cornejo stating the clerk who messed up is no longer there and that Rick he was overseeing fixing the problems left behind.  They were asked to simply inform the Appellate Court because of the mess left by this former clerk, the required record could not be forwarded to the Appellate Court.  Eric got aggressive and demandws the Appellant deal with county attorney Juan Gonzalez and so he will have his wish.  

We are stuck with Eric until 2022.This lawsuit will play out through the 2022 primaries with the appellate process and end Eric's career.  I can tell you every county employee who has called me to tell me they thought Juan Gonzalez was screwing them over refused my advice to seek independent counsel and when all was said and done they called me to tell me they should have taken my advice.

To add to this he is refusing  to produce the part of the appellate record which will insure reversal.  To add to this after a Motion was filed with the Court of Appeal to compel him to file the complete record, he ordered all communication halted and that he would only speak through county attorney Juan Gonzalez.  In writing Juan Gonzalez stated he would not communicate with the appellant except through court filings.  Eric Garz is refusing the payment for the record.  Juan Gonzalez refuses to state how the record is to be paid for, and the court of appeals is threatening to dismiss the appeal if the record is not paid for today.

The bad news for Eric is court after court has ruled he has no immunity unless he is acting under the order of a judge.  Records mismanagement is a major area where district clerks lose immunity.  A $250,000 damages demand is going to the Commissioners Court with the facts and documented evidence.  It so bad after accepting endless documents through efile Eric Garza is now 4 times refusing to accept the affidavit of indigence.  Well under the rules it was hand filed  today.  The excuse given by Eric Garza is totally without merit.  It is retaliation.


Eric Garza is the custodian of the record.  When he conceals the record to hide the incompetence of his staff he hurts every litigant.  No lawyer will support such a clerk in the future.  No one can trust the record coming out of Eric Garza's office.  This is why federal court has to act to insure the record is protected and Eric Garza is held accountable even if it means the federal court appointing a master to oversee Eric Garza's office.

The issue here is not by any means about one party.  It is about protecting the record of all litigants, and lawyers should consider that before funding any future campaign for Eric Garza.


Just two seek ago the following on fraud by his staff was reported.  What else is Eric Garza hiding.

"By Mark Reagan Staff Writer

Cameron County District Clerk Eric Garza announced in a press release that his office filed a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office regarding discrepancies in one of his office’s accounts.
“On Monday, March 4, 2019, our office was contacted by the Cameron County Auditor’s Department regarding some discrepancies in one of our accounts,” Garza said in a statement. “We immediately notified the County’s Legal Division and filed a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney is currently conducting an investigation.”

Garza said his office took action immediately upon discovering the transactions related to the discrepancies.
Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz confirmed the investigation.
“On Monday, the district clerk’s office was alerted by the auditor’s office that they, the auditor’s office, had flagged what appeared to be improper charges to a district clerk’s account,” Saenz said. “The district clerk confirmed that the charges were indeed unauthorized and requested the DA’s office too conduct an investigation into said unauthorized charges.”

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