Sunday, March 17, 2019


To get something off the table up front.  I approved a comment asking what is Pat Ahumada's association with Carlos Marin. A cheap question,  but approved to prove a point.  If you know the characters, Carlos Martin and Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa's husband are tied at the hip long since before she was elected to office.  Given this fact, why in hells name would Carlos Marin help Pat Ahumada against Jessica.

You see the trolls will post anything to distract the voters from reality.


We have seen in endless boards and commissions what happens when you have a  voting block of 4.  It is always a disaster for Brownsville.

It is fact that Tony Martinez will help Galonsky create a majority of 4 or possibly 5.  Presas-Garcia and Nurith Galonsky sharing the same attorney sends up a red flag, but is not proof Cata would go along with Galonsky.

It is a fact Charlie Cabler will help Mike Hernandez create a majority of 4.  We have all seen how bad that has been so far. I wish I knew for sure who is Mike Hernandez puppet in the at large race.

It is fact Trey Mendez is tied to no one.  Trey is the only mayoral candidate who will insure no one has a majority of 4.  If this matters  to you then your decision is simple. 


I have already outlined my opinion in favor of Pat - but a few more words.  Also there is zero evidence Pat is tied to either Mike Hernandez or Abraham Galonsky.  In fact Pat has been highly critical of Galonsky and the Casa del Nylon purchase.  BTW another story the BV broke.

I get people cannot get over the check cashing issue.  I get it and respect it.  But Pat is the only policy wonk running who can deal with the up and coming growth issues for Brownsville.  He is the only candidate who has confessed judgment to his past transgressions where Jessica and Cata made themselves into victims while refusing to admit to anything.

If I need to outline the reasons Jessica has to go, then I lost that battle before I started.

Okay I get the check issue and the distrust which comes with Pat's check issue.  But Cata conspired with a convicted felon and others costing BISD millions.  The check issue cost the city nothing.

Now in the interest of fairness Pat did try and work with Cata in giving convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla millions for a bogus airline.  The BV broke the story and the comminity organized and stop it.  I will never forget the night of the vote when Rick Longoria lamented that with  the no vote the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla would never bring the offer back to the table.  Yea Nurith you need to remind the voters of  that one.

I will also never forget Charlie Atkinson's anony post telling Carlos he messed it all up.  You see Carlos attacked Melissa [Zamora] Landin which caused me to investigate who this guy was.  I broke the story and the bloggers and community rose up and beat Carlos Quintanilla on Fly Frontera.



I will also say when John Cowan lied to my face about Abraham Galonsky not being in executive session when the commission voted to buy the Casa del Nylon and then telling me his source is Rick Longoria, John lost all credibility with me.  Rick is solid by his own words with Carlos Marin, hence Mike Hernandez.  So why would he come to the defense of Galonsky?

From Ismael:

Rumors of self-dealing and corruption have been hitting the digital airwaves with the recent resignation of a City Commissioner.
I don’t deal in innuendo and speculation, but the possibility that an elected official can appoint people to city-related board and then turn around, resign, and get hired by those very same board members he appointed to a job that pays hundreds of thousands of Tax-Payer dollars a year is unacceptable and must be changed.
And I will do it on Day 1 as your City Commissioner at Large.
First we have to change the City Charter to make it clear that elected officials cannot be hired as employees by the city or city-related boards/entities until 4 years after the expiration of their term of office.
Second, we need create a new Code of Ethics that adheres to the strictest levels of transparency and accountability across ALL LEVELS of City Government.
I’m Ismael Hinojosa and, just like you, I’m tired of self-dealing and corruption in government. I’m also tired of the empty campaign promises made every election season. As your City Commissioner I’ll deliver results starting on Day 1.


BobbyWC said...

Well I know you are a liar. I cannot say how I know Charlie. Give me proof and I will give your post a full page post and denounce the candidate.

But I have physical proof you area liar.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

My proof is solid you are a liar. I have more on a possible connection, and if that is your proof tou have no sense of reality or the real facts.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You seem an apologist for Ahumada when you claim that his check deal did not cost the city anything. It cost the expense of the investigation and that it did not cost any more was not Ahumada's fault.
Now, I like Ahumada and if I thought he had more of an ability to play well with others I would consider voting for him but he just doesn't seem to be skilled at bringing opposing sides together. Plus, there is the FBI's contention that the best predicter of future behavior is past behavior.

BobbyWC said...

First on Ahumada you are correct and I was wrong - the investigation did cost the city some money. But it did not cost the city millions such as Cata did at BISD. Had the family acting as legal guardians who live across from Jessica sued the city for the dumb ass police chief giving her photos of inside the home it would have cost the city millions.

I get your concern of Pat getting along with people. It is the number one concern I have. But you know what I did not hide the fact Pat was part of the group wanting to give the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla millions for a bogus airline, I disclosed it.

To the troll claiming I hid his claims concerning Ahumada. As is always his case be believes I have a duty to approve lies. I am the moderator and I have a responsibility to not approve verifiable lies.

Also I gave his lie a full page post. I spelled out his claim and then proved how I knew it was a lie. So he claim I am keeping his lie from my readers is a lie.

Anyone can read wherein I approved a comment by a reader telling me I was wrong in saying the check issue with Ahumada did not cost the city. I conceded I was wrong and then agreed with him that Pat being under control is a valid issue.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A corrupt act costing $1 is as illegal as a corrupt act costing$1,000,000 - call it what it is then support the candidate.

BobbyWC said...

Exactly Roman how was it corrupt if the jury found him not guilty. Roman you are not very smart. I have only taken your phone calls to see how far you will go in your lies. You have told me you know you are paranoid and a liar, but not pathological. I guess when you have a priest who will absolve you of your sins, being a liar is ok.

You are not even smart enough to not use the same sequence of words in your annoying posts as you use on the phone. Yes I rejected you post on Beto because it was the same words you used with me on the phone.

I got what I needed from you yes I used you - so stop texting and calling. And please do not embarass yourself on the "I thought we were friends, that did not work with me the first time."

Your obsession with Castro and Jim is unhealthy. You complain your wife hates when your name is in the blogs but yet you keep your name in the blogs by your actions. When will she get it.

Bobby WC