Monday, March 25, 2019


I have been at this for 30 years and have never seen anyone be allowed to take pictures of have cameras in the courtroom without filing a Motion for Leave first and the judge giving them permission to take pictures, recordings or videos.

Upon careful review of all the pleadings no such motion was filed.  This appears to be a sua sponte act by Elia Cornejo Lopez working with the Jessica Tetreau and her handlers.  To know Judge Robert Pate is to know he would never have discussed this matter with Elia in chambers. Now if they asked the bailiff to ask the judge without a motion, that would be illegal.  It would be an ex parte with the judge thereby denying Cata Presas-Garcia the right to object based on the fact the video was taken to use as a weapon in the campaign.


Without an injunction for the impermissible filming of the proceedings Jessica can edit the proceedings to paint a false and misleading picture such as she did on the Castro podcast.  I lost count on how many lies she told about the hearing, and she was never challenged.

Nothing prevents Jessica, without an injunction. from using the video to manipulate the election.  Now if Cata cannot get an injunction fast enough, Judge Pate can certainly hold Jessica, Elia and her husband Leo in contempt for an impermissible filming of the proceedings.

The better action is for Cata to act today.


If Jessica spoke she lied.  First no one testified that they were signing a sheet to get road repairs. This was a down right lie.  Now some were told if they signed the petition Cata Presas-Garcia would work harder on the road problems - big difference.

Side note - I have spoken with many of the candidates and they appear unaware there is a Director of Public works who is not an engineer and just a high school graduate.  They all complain we need more tax money for the roads versus replacing the Director of Public Works with an engineer who will bring modern technology to the process and save the city money thereby making more road repairs possible.  One candidate did not even know the city has a number to call for services.  On this issue all of the candidates fail.  This has become a sacred cow issue, and we all know how I feel about that.


One witness and only one witness testified that Presas-Garcia name was not on the paper she signed.  She also testified she forged her husband's signature.  Now on that same page number of all the sheets every other person testified their intent was to support Cata, and that Cata's name was on top of the sheet of paper.  So who do you believe if you are a judge, the woman who forged her husband's signature, or all the other signatories on the page.  Jessica says you believe the woman who admitted to forgery and dismiss the testimony of everyone else who refuted her testimony that Cata's name was not on page.

Jessica does not tell you Presas-Garcia's counsel had witnesses ready to testify that Jessica committed fraud in the collection of her signatures.  They were not allowed to testify because Jessica failed to meet her burden and the case ended when she rested her case.


Jessica fails to mention Judge Pate cited the statute which barred him from removing someone from the ballot based on technical mistakes on the ballot access sheets.  The only fraud presented was one woman admitting to forgery, and possibly lying about whether Cata's name was on top of the list.


Cata get into court now and get an immediate TRO against Jessica, Elia and Leo from distributing the tape or posting it on the internet.  They will manipulate it to kill your campaign Cata.

I can easily see Judge Pate holding the three of  them in contempt for not seeking his permission to film the proceedings.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how can this person get away with recording the proceedings? Can anybody file a complaint, or does it have to be the person who was in court?

BobbyWC said...

Thank you for extending the conversation. Well Presas-Garcia would be the best. But anyone can file with the court a complaint. go to cameron county portal and type in Jessica's name. Click on any document and that will tell you have to create the complaint. Just simply identify yourself as a concerned citizen that this was an illegal recording designed to use in the campaign and that you are asking the court to stop its use.

You sign it just like any other document and then take it to the third floor for filing. Then on any document filed by either party will have the email of both attorney and then email them the complaint.

Do a certificate of service which says you emailed your concern to opposing counsel at their listed email.

It will be given to the judge. He is the only one who can take immediate action

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

One more question - are lawyers (RZ) allowed to receive notes from observers (ECL) instructing him what to say and/or what to do?

Anonymous said...

Shit, sorry, one more. Can the visiting judge get in trouble for not saying anything about the recording, or will he feign ignorance and say he didn't see the recording going on?

BobbyWC said...

A judge gas broad discression to allow for taping and recording of proceedings. But it is done by Leave of Court. When I got permission to blog live the Villalobos trial my Motion went to the judge and both sides were allowed to give their input. A judge either denies the request outright, or asks for the parties input. Beyond the procedure I will say nothing further on Judge Pate. I do not have the information to form an opinion.

As to passing notes, while it is disfavored, it happens. The bigger issue is a sitting judge who should have been working was in the trial. They claim we do not have enough judges but they just take off when then want to. Dallas did a check on this once and the results forced the judges to keep regular hours. There is always work to be done.

Bobby WC