Sunday, February 24, 2019


Pat stole my thunder.  I had a post ready for Monday to allow any business willing to pay for a bus shelter to collect all advertising on the shelter.  That story is now dead since Pat Ahumada has raised the idea.  Pat is being very specific with ideas.  I really like this.  

In the Castro-Pod cast Pat has clearly stolen the show as the most informed candidate.  I am definitely leaning towards voting for him.  Presas-Garcia was also helpful in bringing light to the issue.  He was frank and honest about his past and ran from nothing. BUT he stole my thunder on the BUS shelter.

This remains Jessica's race to lose.  No matter how disliked she is in her district, this election is going to be a get out the vote.  Jessica has her solid supporters who will never waiver no matter how much evidence you put before before them as to Jessica's failure.  Further all three candidates carry a ton of garbage with them.  


Anonymous said...

You really need to learn the difference between "lose" and "loose."

Anonymous said...

Didn't you recently claim you would not support anyone who participated on that podcast due to the moderators failure to denounce an alleged homophobic comment by a participant (I say allege because I have not heard the comment and don't know what it was)?? And wasn't it your statement that such comments contributed to the deaths of young people? By calling attention to the podcast are you not contributing to any deleterious effect of the podcast? I mean, what is the deal?

BobbyWC said...

Fair and important question. First Pat did reach out on the issue of suicide and the importance of people getting help. That impressed me.

Many of the people I trust have convinced me to look for the best candidates who will insure there is no group of 4 in control. Pat will bow to no one. Also I just like how he so easily outlined how to deal with the Tenaska mess.

I made my point on the PodCast. They never go over 300 viewers who watch the entire show. People know the moderators and I made my point. Views can be the same person clicking on 10 times. It can also be a person watching for less than a minute.

So your question was fair and I am giving you my best answer.

Bobby WC