Monday, February 11, 2019


While he is busy with me with mindless insults while leaving out key facts and protecting homophobes, he is not covering the local politics.  Who  thinks he dare call out Montoya for his inability to even hit the check spelling button and his endless typos?  Who thinks Barton would call out Montoya or his lies today over he Elizondo trial to protect Mike Hernandez's boy Cabler?  Jim cannot cover the local politics because he has no understanding of it and his blog is standing room only for sacred cows.


I defy Barton to produce the email I allegedly sent to the owners of Angelita's Cafe.  It never happened.  And why do the owners of Angelita's refuse to denounce Jim for his lies?  He will run cover for their lies.

I gave her a graceful out which would have made he look good, but she instead chose to go with Barton's lies.  The owners of this business are too stupid to end this conversation to protect their businesses,  Just distance yourself from the lies and homophobia, but make clear Angelitas is open for free and open discourse to everyone.  This would have made the business look good.  Instead she chose the attack with more lies.  This is a very angry women.  And for the record everyone knows an award from BISD is like an award from a crapper.  I have endless wins against BISD on special needs children.  BISD is not qualified to give out awards on the issue.


I send a private message to open discussion.  I kept it private.  Angelina instead went public with insults.  The woman knows nothing about professionalism.  We could have kept this quiet with private exchanges but she prefers to go on camera with a porn blogger and convicted felon to insult me.  That is what you need to know about her. 

Are you too stupid Angelina to know Barton and Castro are using you for their own corrupt agenda.  How sad because it is like I told you, I have only hear nice things about your establishment.  But my complement meant nothing to you and you mean nothing to civilized people.


Anonymous said...

No Justice in Brownsville or Cameron County!

Today, KVEO Channel 23 reported that the Mission Police arrested and charged Michael Anthony Davis on Monday with 3rd degree felony Animal Cruelty after he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog on Saturday. It has been more than two weeks that KVEO Channel 23 also reported that a Brownsville man had shot his neighbor’s small Dachshund dog in the San Pedro area. The dog also died. However, there has been no report of any arrest or charges being filed against the Brownsville man to this day. Why is there no justice in Brownsville or Cameron County?

BobbyWC said...

All I can tell you is all animal cruelty should be a felony, and I fear the Brownsville PD a lot more than any undocumented worker. If my health permits and my business is done here, I hope to the Southwest. I have found some places. I have lost all confidence in Brownsville. There are no leaders. NOt a one who will put the safey and welfare of children over a god damn vote. A bunch of sick puppies they are, Is it any wonder we have no polie department

Bobby WC