Thursday, February 28, 2019


Guys I should have picked up on this on day one, but I am sick.  The fatigue is just debilitating.  I missed my physical therapy today because of a 5 1/2 hour nap.

Anyway look at the top of the citation.  To help you look for the 10: a.m., and then you will see it.  To get the ballots printed and mailed out in time for the military we are down to probably 15-16 days, to resolve this lawsuit. 

Presas-Garcia and the city have until March 18, 2019 to file an answer to the lawsuit.  This is after the date the mail ballots have to go out for the military.  The jurat on the return appears defective, but nonetheless it says the defendants were served on the 26th.  The answer is due on the first Monday after 20 days after service.  

Look to the citation where it says 10:00 a.m. and you will see what I am saying.  


When I posted story after story that Yolanda Begum was allowing the clock to run and would lose her election contest Alex Begum paid Montoya to trash me claiming I supported mail ballot fraud.  No I was  communicating the clock was ticking.  Yolanda Begum not ready to prove her case instead chose to attack me for pointing out the law.  The judge dismissed the case as moot because the clock ran.

Now in Yolanda's case I do not believe Mike Cowan could have done anything to fix the clock problem.  That was the year the census litigation held up the primaries thereby making it impossible for anyone to meet the deadlines for an election contest.  The best attorney in the world could not have avoided the clock problem in Yolanda's case.

But this time Jessica [who knows what her lase name is] chose to file the lawsuit too late.  It does not surprise me.  Mike Hernandez is obsessed with hiring the worse lawyers he can find.   Rick Zayas could not even write a valid Affidavit to secure a TRO.  Remember Rick Zayas is law partner with Louis Hernandez who are part of Mike Hernandez's cabal of con artists along with Luis's wife Rita.

Jessica has damaged her campaign by painting herself as someone who wants to  control the ballot.  I still think she will win, unless Pat can pull out a hail Mary.  But for sure Caty Presas-Garcia rightfully so will get some good press out of this.  Maybe the run off will be Caty and Pat.


GGL said...

Bobby you are a lawyer tell me how Cameron County Commissioner Gus Ruiz a lawyer can be city attorney for Primera and Santa Rosa and then the county does road work for them but in Santa Rosa never got paid the $65000 for the work Ruiz helped do for them?

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sure there is a problem. Sylvia Atkinson and Prisci Tipton work for TSC, which does business with BISD, while both are BISD Trustees. Sorry but just too tired to research the question.

Bobby WC