Monday, February 4, 2019


You would think as a BISD Trustee Castro would have taken down Rodriguez on the spot, but he did not.  He along with bully Jim Barton laughed at the homophobic comment.

The BISD Board needs to censure Castro for his conduct, but they will not because the BISD Board, has consistently supported homophobia including during their campaign.  The self loathing lesbian Sylvia Atkinson desperate for power refused to pull her team's ads from McHale's page after the anti-gay slurs.  Her homophobic partners also remained silent

What was said "Nepotism knuckledhead Nance"  Prounced as Nancy.  Then he said "and "HE knows who I'm talking about."

Everyone running for city commission needs to denounce the three especially former Chief Rodriguez.  No one will, and that is what sickens me.  Brownsville is very embracing of the larger gender spectrum, but its politicians use these children as jokes and get away with it..

Barton and Castro went on a big diatribe about how Cabler owned his mistakes.  You can bet your life both will go on the attack and own nothing about what happened.

Sorola showed a lot about his personality by not showing up.  Fools think because I have nothing but contempt for Sorola I am going to print anything I am sent about his prospective opponent Adobbati.   Although I have been told repeatedly he is going to run, this is the first time you are hearing his name on the BV.  I have contacted him and he does not want to speak.  You cannot run from speaking to the bloggers and hide behind your supporters.

If Adobbati appears on the Castro Barton WHINER show the post will be a complete release of  the portfolio I have gathered on him.  You see just because I highly dislike Sorola I am not going to back someone I think is unfit for officer.  But I can also assure Sorola if he ever appears on the WHINER show, he will be out of control livid with the BV's post which is 100% supported by documented evidence.  Neither candidate is fit to be a judge.

Especially after Brownsville's notorious WHINERs laughed at an anti-gay slur anyone whoever  appears on their show will face the truth of their life and they will not like it.

Guys I am really holding back.  I have been working on this issue of gay youth suicide [termed use back then - today I say gender identity spectrum] for over 20 years.  I am not a one issue person.  I am very anti-abortion but have voted for pro abortion candidates.  It is more complex than one issue, but this is a case of children killing themselves, becoming drug addicts, prostitutes, and  ending up helpless with incurable depression.

Suits are being filed all over the U.S. because these fake christian Taliban doctors are refusing to treat the children of couples within the gender spectrum.  For god's sake they are innocent children who did not choose their parents.

Another big issue is what I call the "closet syndrome."  The brain snaps and we end up with sociopaths, criminals and sexual predators.

I will say this clearly, you appear on the "Whiners" show and the BV will be all over you for endorsing a show which bullies the disabled, and people [mostly impacting children] who are homophobic.


The owner of Angelita's Casa de Cafe were warned about Whiners Castro and Barton.  The owner chose to invoke an attorney if I make an issue of allowing the restaurant to spew hate.  So be it.  There is no evidence that the owners endorse anything said or done by Brownsville's chief WHINERS Castro and Barton.

But the evidence the owner does not give a crap is they spread hate and bullying of the disabled while using their establishment is documented.

Would Brownsville tolerate Angelita's Casa de Cafe allowing the KKK to run a show from their establishment?  Hell no.

Well they knew what to expect and gender spectrum children and adults are now the victim of the slur.  The owners do not care if they damage children so long as Castro is giving them free advertising.

If you patronize Angelita's Casa de Cafe, you are turning a blind eye to business establishment allowing for their establishment to spread hate which hurts children just for for free advertising.

The owners are disgusting vile people.  They were warned.  I will meet your attorney in court any day and when we are done, you will be out of business.

If you are running for public office and refuse to denounce the WHINERS Castro and Barton, and openly denounce former Chief Rodriguez, you will not like the coverage on the BV.  The episode is downloaded so Castro can edited it or delete it.  Absolutely no sacred cows.  If you are so desperate for votes who cannot stand up for abused children you are unfit for office.  See which gets you more votes, running cover for those who abuse children with their language or standing up for the abused children.

It is not enough to denounce these people - appear on the show of WHINERS and you will receive  nothing but negative coverage from the BV focusing on this issue along with the statistics and videos of parents crying their eyes out because of the damage this hate speech did to their children.  Too late for excuses or apologies.  All are rejected. I am not trying to silence anyone speech.  I am trying to encourage people to speak so we can see their true colors and hold them accountable.  Please speak all you want.  Why do you need to act now and not after the BV comes after you is:


BobbyWC said...

Go back and cki k on Nance and tou will see you are a liar. Why eould zi publish a comment of domrone who starts with a lie
Furthe the zbV is the lingedt running blog by name
I cover events. Every nrws organixation looks down on candidates who refuse to speak with them. Adobbati jad come to n
Me through his supporters snd want me to publish what they day. Thst is bs journalism. His people approached me and the refusef to dprak with mr
That is now how it works.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me, how does calling someone a "self-loathing lesbian" help defeat homophobia? How do two wrongs make a right?

You're guilty of the exact same behavior you're chastising others for.

BobbyWC said...

You know nothing of this issue. These self loathing people of any group hurt the entire group for their own benefit.

The reason the gender spectrun refused to endorse Lupe Valdez for governor was because as a self loathing lesbian she actually did nothing for us. Many Democratic Latino groups also refused to endorse her for governor. You cannot be self loathing and then expect to be respected as a role model for us.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Again, sir, you're not focusing on the fact that you yourself are insulting homosexuals by having to identify them as lesbian. People are not defined by their sexual preference. Nobody defines what being homosexual is for everybody. Everybody is free to live their life the way they see fit.

If somebody called you self-loathing, you would blow your top. You are not a fan of criticism. If you are going to call people names, and use their sexual preference as a precursor to some sort of attack, you should expect to be repaid in kind.

BobbyWC said...

First off all you start with a homophobic assumption - it is not a preference it is biological. Second, there are Governors, Mayors, federal judges, state representatives and senators, Senator, US Representatives, and on and on, who call out people for gender spectrum slurs.

I have been at this since the 80's with my work being profiled on National TV more than once. I have always been out front. Montoya attacks me for making the "Gay?" men in Dallas angry. What he never tells you is that we boycotted the Dallas Gay Alliance until they changed he name to the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance. It is equality for all not just for some. We boycotted them again and all of the bars which refused to hire blacks and browns as bartenders. We were called anti-gay - no we stood in our belief of equality for everyone. We did it again when bars started to ban wheelchairs, or women.

We always used the term self loathing for those who sit back and remain silent in the face of a very serious battle. She is not defined as a lesbian. She is defined as a power seeker who will through her own subgroup which does not define her under the bus for power. I'm going onto 40 years of seeing this over and over again. They are the most dangerous politicians out there. This is why we use term self loathing.

But you knew that - and Sylvia when you post you in emails and posts is he only one who uses the word "Sir."

Bobby WC