Monday, January 28, 2019


Mike claims I did not give him 21 days notice.  This is a downright lie.  I sent the notice on the 24th with a proposed date of February 1, 2019, which is less than 10 days.  But the rule goes on to state you can put the following if you are concerned the deponent will object to the date.

"or at such other date, time, and place as all counsel may agree in writing. The defendant agrees to any date up until February 15, 2019 at any location in Brownsville or Harlingen as designated by Mike Hernandez or is counsel."

            In fact I gave him a 22 day notice for Mike and his attorney to decide the date on time.  Mike had every right under the notice to designate a date and time during the 22 day period and he refused

           He also objects to the location which I knew he would which I also knew would form as a big piece of evidence against him in the federal lawsuit for using the state courts in Tarrant county to silence free speech in Cameron county as it relates to him.

            Here is what my notice said per the rules.:  PLACE:    Home Robert Wightman-Cervantes, 55 Ripple Creek Cr., Brownsville, Texas 78521 – see TRCP 199.2(b)(2)(A)(C)  I intentionally referenced the rule on location. The Rule "(2) Time and place. The notice must state a reasonable time and place for the oral deposition. The place may be in: (A) the county of the witness's residence:"  Mike Hernandez told the Herald he has a residence on SPI, and the deed record I put before the court signed by Mike and his wife show he owns a home on SPI - hence he has residence in Cameron county.  As we all know from ballot access a person can have more than one residence.
So what is clear in his notice to quash his notice of Deposition is he will only agree to depositions occurring in Tarrant county.  That will require some 20 or more witnesses having to travel to Tarrant county.  The federal judge will see right through this harassment and issue major sanctions against Mike and his copartner in this mess Carlos Marin. 
                My Supplemental Motion for Death Penalty Sanctions will include this issue along with Sanctions that Mike pay all costs associated with all depositions.
               Why are you running Mike?  The people want to know?

AND MIKE DO TELL US WHY YOU WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR MAJORITY ON THE COB COMMISSION TO SUE TO VOID THE CASA DEL NYLON PURCHASE OR TO COMPEL THE BPUB TO LOWER RATES AND REFUND THE MONEY?  Answer it will compel Cabler to appear and the truth of his part of his role in the mess will be all public and you will have no candidate for mayor.
Contemporaneous statements are always more credible than lies being spread by Rick Longori to protect Cabler.  For years Cabler has had the option to deny the claim.  My witness called minutes after the event and  told me Galonsky was in the room along with Cabler during negotiations.  My witness was also  threatened with arrest if they spoke to anyone.  I published the entire story immediately outlining the law that in fact commissioners can reveal what was said in executive session and based on the Mark Cuban case out of Dallas the vote to but the Casa del Nylon was void.
               Mike Hernandez will keep Rick Longoria lying saying it never happen.  How convenient not a word on my claims until they impact his boss's [Mike Hernandez's] mayoral candidate Charlie Cabler.  Where was Rick denying my claim when I made it.
                I want Mike's majority to file a lawsuit to void the contract.  But Mike will never allow for it because it will destroy Cabler.  If the lawsuit is filed Nurith Galonsky also potentially gets injured.  The BV has no sacred cows or stories.  I do believe she is the best voice based on knowledge, intelligence, fluency in Spanish, and living in the area for some 44 years.  But if the lawsuit hurts her, no sacred cows or stories.
Mike Hernandez to help Charlie Cabler needs to make Tony Martinez look bad so he tells lies about Casa del Nylon and El Jardin to make it appear like Tony has shown no leadership on either.
A fact Mike Hernandez will never allow Montoya to print.  Both are under contract for sale.  The purchaser of the Casa del Nylon has agreed to redo the facade to match market square.  This will raise tax rates in the area  thereby helping the city.  Downtown will begin to explode more than it already is.  Mike cannot stand the fact he could see no vision in the El Jardin hotel and now there are two entities to buy it and ready to remodel.  So he pays Montoya to lie to make Tony Martinez look bad.  Facts people, the good, the bad and the evil.
He has implicated D & M Leasing being injured by my alleged defamation.  This means he has to answer my interrogatories concerning his profits and losses for D & M leasing since before and after the alleged statements of defamation.  I can assure you he will run from that too.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby WC I for one can't wait for the end to this saga, of he has done this or that.
I can't wait to see who wins when the judge rules, then the appeals begin.