Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I took the above picture and video from Youtube after I gave up trying to load my copy.  With one exception I find the entire recorded conversation to be nothing more than a commissioner advocating for her district.  I can say from personal experience as Jessica's neighbor the police were less than worthless when my care was entered and the glove compartment was trashed.  I do not say broken into because I am certain I left it unlocked.  My issues was the officer told me kids and criminals walk the neighbors looking for unlocked cars.  I sad fine then look for finger prints because you find someone on probation and then their probation will be pulled.  The officer refused.

I have a major parking problem in my cul-de-sac.  The lawn is a parking lot and the cars  sometimes will be two cars out into the street.  My insurance had to pay once when I hit a car blocking my driveway.  The BPD does not give a crap about my neighborhood.  They can come any weekend and see the home where an automotive repair business is run and their land and street are overflowing with cars.

With one exception all I hear is a commissioner advocating for her constituents'  With the exception of downtown needing the patrols I agree with all of her complaints about the wasted money used in the past in downtown.  Dale I must say was incredibly professional and did everything he could to address her concerns.

So I am listening to the tape and and confused why there is a story.  But then there is one place where she makes clear she has a majority and the city commission and gets what she wants.  Then Dale is out.  What bothers me is the same thing happened in the De Leon tape and when Carlos Elizondo refused to comply with De Leon's demands he was out.  Of noted De Leon made clear over and over against he had a controlling majority and he and Jessica were Carlos best friends on the commission.

Fast forward where Jessica says she has a majority and can do what she wants.  A reasonable person can conclude at 19:40 Jessica implies a threat the same way Cesar de Leon.  The end result was Dale refused to cave he was demoted.

I will note but I am one hundred percent certain if both tapes are sent to the civil rights criminal division in Washington with the minutes noted, they will send investigators to Brownsville.

U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Bottom line is simple Jessica - you have the majority.  Vote to raise taxes for designation to the police department to address the shortage of officers.  Yea you will just complain and never do what needs to get done.

Everyone knows Casa Del Nylon was a con.  It is not too late to sue to void the deal.  Stop bitching, use your majority and vote to hire counsel to file suit.

Jessica you have the majority, vote to force the BPUB to reduce rates and refund they money you collected, or vote to have it turned over for use by the police.  You have options, but you just bitch and do nothing.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. Nothing earth-shattering here at all.

BobbyWC said...

Snd you will notice i introduced i th thst way.

Bobby WV

Anonymous said...

Downtown needed officers to work Friday and Saturday nights because up the uptick in nightlife. The bike patrol has a substation downtown. Yes they have cars too. Diana Martinez did not want to work the night shift so she called her bff Jessica to stop the schedule change. Just like that it was changed back to daytime hours. Then Jessica goes off in a tangent about taking resources from her district. The bike patrol belongs in the downtown area. They are the ones who man the new downtown substation. What does PD do? They take the Southmost community officers from Longoria'so district to work the night hours in downtown. Jessica has her bff Diana Martinez back. She makes it known to everyone.
All this meddling because Diana doesn't want to work nights.

BobbyWC said...

Several yeara ago I text Jessica to have the superivor get ahold of an office refusing to arrest a man who left his girl friend's face black and blue. The officer refused to arrest him because she was afraid to sign the complaint. The law is clear if the officer sees evidence of abuse he is to arrest the abuser. Jessica emailed me back she did not know how to get ahold of anyone at the police.

Does it shock you she is okay with domestic abuse?

Bobby WC