Saturday, January 12, 2019


The University of Texas at El Paso has attained a coveted R1 designation (top tier doctoral university with very high research activity) in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. UTEP is one of only 130 (4.5 percent) top tier universities among the 2,883 four-year higher education institutions across the U.S. to earn this prestigious R1 distinction, joining the ranks of such universities as Stanford, M.I.T., Michigan, Arizona and California-Berkeley.

The Carnegie Classification process analyzes higher education institutions in the U.S. on the basis of such factors as research expenditures, undergraduate and graduate instructional programs, enrollment profile, size and setting, and basic classification.
“This newly earned Carnegie R1 classification in the top tier of national research universities strongly validates UTEP’s success in delivering on our innovative access and excellence mission,” said President Diana Natalicio. “It also powerfully affirms the stature of UTEP faculty researchers, the quality of their innovative work, and their competitiveness in securing funding to support it. What makes UTEP’s rise to this R1 level even more impressive is our abiding campus commitment to access, which places a high priority on ensuring that research excellence always be accompanied by a deep and sustained access commitment. Engaging our students, both graduate and especially undergraduate, in this growing research activity at UTEP provides them with outstanding learning opportunities and raises their aspirations to pursue advanced degrees and research careers. Of significance, too, is that this R1 classification enhances UTEP’s national brand and increases the value of a UTEP degree.”
Here is the full thing about UTEP.  If you go to party UTEP can do nothing to help you. But if you accept the help they offer each individual student you will graduate and be prepared for a  top graduate school.  You still cannot get a Ph.D from Yale in geology without spending a year at UTEP.  Today there is less need to go else where for your graduate degree because as this story tells you UTEP is now a Tier 1 university,  
Day one I locked into Pavla Kiska as a mentor.   I was then fortunate enough to get into Dr. Bailey's writing class with the help of Pavla Kiska.  He has written many a book on Pancho Villa and in fact interviewed one of his wives.  I can remember as if it is happening right now when he brought in a shoe box filled with index cards.  This is precomputer guys, and when we still had to use the Periodical Guide to Literature for research and sort through old literature in the dust basement.
He used his index cards to take research notes and then put the complete proper citation on the card.  As he built his research for his books or papers, he assembled the index cards in an outline form and when done numbered them - I, A, 1, 2, 3 and on and on.  I still do this but on my computer.  When I am done, I write my briefs as fill in the blanks using the research.  It became a major advantage in taking essay exams.  I would outline the question and then fill in the blanks to write the essay.  In law school I got an A in every course which required two research papers.
My other mentor was Dr. Z Anthony Kruszewski .  He was the chair of my program in Soviet East European Studies.  At 16 he became a Polish partisan after his mother and grandmother were taken by the Nazis.  He eventually joined up with the English and in time made it to the University of Chicago for his Ph.D. 
He taught me to be objective.  For a man who lost his mother and grandmother to the Nazi's he harbored no ill will towards the Germans.  He taught the issue on how the German people reached the point of accepting Hitler.  I can tell you I see the same pattern in Trump.  For me Trump is difficult because I basically agree with those who voted for him given the Democrats couldn't do better than Hillary Clinton.  She is the not the female I would want my daughter to emulate.  In the same way Hitler campaigned to the common fears and concerns of the people so too did Trump.  I predict a Trump win in 2020.  The Democrats are way too disconnected from the people.  Unless they get their act together the Blue wave could be dead by 2020.
My point is I was taught to look at the causes and not the emotions. Yes I find Trump disturbing and dangerous, but I also understand how he got elected and why he will win in 2020, unless the Mueller investigation takes him down.
Anytime I needed help with anything so long as I was willing to ask for the help, UTEP made sure I had it.

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