Thursday, January 3, 2019


My sources are telling me Nurith will announce to displace Rick Longoria.  There are two key factors which must be considered and to ignore them makes you unqualified to analyze political races.  Longoria and Rodriguez will split the male vote.  The female voice and blind female voice will go to Nurith Galonsky.  The majority of voters are women.

If either male candidate attacks Nurith at a personal level, female voters will be turned off and become even more resolved to vote for Nurith.


With the removal of Rudy Delgado from the 13th Court of Appeals it is now an all female court of appeals.  This morning in a major milestone historical event 100 women will be sworn into the House of Representatves.  Nurith Galonsky has the money to challenge Rick Longoria, and the female vote.  If the pattern of the last 10 years or sold hold, Rick Longoria is toast.


Mike Hernandez will lose two of his 4 member majority,  John Cowen Jr., an independent voice beholden to no one and with a resume which will blow away any opponent, will replace Cesar de Leon.  Nurith Galonsky will replace Rick Longoria.  She along with Ben Neece, and Rose Gowen as a soft vote will be in Galonsky's corner.

This will mean Mike Herandez has two votes, Galonsky will have three, but Gowen will not always be reliable as a third vote.

This then leaves Trey Mendez and John Cowen as independent voices.

If you add the numbers this means Galonsky and or Hernandez will not have majorities and have to work with others to get what they want.  This is good for Brownsville.  One group or party control is never good for government.

If the voters can make this happen, the city will be able to get back to good governance because no one will be calling the shots.  Every decision will be made on the merits.

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