Wednesday, January 16, 2019



I just want to thank the hundreds of people who have reached out to me today. Thank you for the privilege of your friendship and unwavering support. Love you guys. ❤️
First of all because no one can find a highly qualified female to run against her I still predict her reelection will be a cake walk. 

Her readers are very disturbing.  Since it was a low blow for Dale to record her what is on  the tape has no value.  Really, so if you record someone to admitting raping a child it has no value?  People are idiots.

Some of her supporters are known for their endless crying about corruption, and are consistently there defending her.  It blows my mind.

The BV did a fair story making it clear the tape came across as Jessica just defending the interests of our community.  I went out of my way in agreeing with her the police ignore our community.

I am done with the city and the the dumping of tires in my alley.  I will let them build up.  I am willing to take them  to  the dumps but the city wants to charge me for bringing tires illegally dumped in my alley.  My crime, trying to deal with the illegal dumping - so on this I agree with Jessica 100%.

My issue is what appears, and I stress appears, to be a veiled threat she controls the majority and gets what she wants and when Dale does not deliver he is demoted.

I put this on Dale.  He needs to take his tape along with the Cesar De Leon tape and send them to the DOJ address I provided yesterday noting the minutes where Cesar makes the same seemingly threat.

Only Dale can fix this and keep Jessica under an FBI/DOJ investigation. 


She says she favors looking into Casa del Nylon.  I totally agree.  She has made it clear she has the majority and can get what she wants, so why not hire a lawyer to void the deal under the open meetings act violation?  But she will not because we all know Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez are backing Charlie Cabler for mayor and a lawsuit will reveal as the City Manager Cabler illegally allowed Abraham Galonsky in executive session during the discussions.  So stop with the lies Jessica.

My next story deals with the BPUB.  Jessica you have the majority - take action.  It becomes and issue against Nurith Galonsky which helps Rick Longoria.  So why are you doing nothing for the people on this issue?

Jessica no one is buying our lies except your low IQ FB Supporters.


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe we need a highly qualified female to oust her.

I think Jessica is smart and works hard, but you make it seem like we need Condelezza Rice to run for office in Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

The fact I am saying a male cannot beat her is a complement to her. My conclusion is based on the last 10 years of voting. Look at Sylvia Atkinson's team - all the females won the one male lost. The female candidates turned the House from Republican to Democrat. There is now a record number of women in the HOuse - 100.

This is document fact, but you are free to ignore it.

I have actually called on people not to oppose her and to better invest in the other races.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Oh thanks for commenting and extending the discussion which is what I always look for in approving comments.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Like can someone give her some love? Like she can't function without compliments. Like what time is it? Like her diamond covered watch doesn't work. Like OH MY GAUD!