Thursday, January 31, 2019


The BV broke this story in 2010, and only under pressure from the Pope is Bishop Flores giving a partial list of the priests against whom complaints were filed.  Is Bishop Flores intentionally reducing the number child molesting priests to save face?

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Today the Diocese released a list of suspected priests of molesting children.  I have a list of children molested by Brother Damien [an] while at St Joes.  His MO was he would convince parents to send their boys to work on his garden and then force the boys allow him to bathe them so they went home clean.

Many people have come forward to the BV.  I have committed to never release their name.

But now that we know Bishop Flores is running cover for the true number of child molesting priests I ask the victims to voluntarily come forward.  Bishop Flores needs to be outed locally and to the Vatican,  I will never release any of the names I have learned of from the victims. 

It is a personal matter for the victims to now come forward and out Bishop Flores to the Vatican.

Click for fake list of alleged molesters.

Even if you cannot speak locally contact the the Pope with your claim and evidence.

His Holiness, Pope Francis
Saint Martha House
00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican City

I can assure you His Holiness will confront Bishop Flores while keeping your name confidential.


Anonymous said...

"I can assure you His Holiness will confront Bishop Flores."


let me catch my breath


That's hilarious. That is a comment that can only be made by someone who willfully ignorant of the Vigano letter and Jorge Bergoglio's record of handling sexual abuse in Argentina (read up on Julio Grassi & Juan Barros).

BobbyWC said...

I posted your comment because it was helpful and proved my point. This is just all a joke. I have read up extensively on what you wrote about. I worked on the Dallas Diocese case which ended with a verdict of $119 million. I represented the whisteblower and ended up with mandamus against the trial judge for ordering he give up his evidence to the diocese.

Our points are the same- it is all one big joke.

Put if enough people make an issue of the continued cover up and what is in fact happening is a dog and pony show, maybe, just maybe more victims will come forward. So I found your point very helpful in extending this discussion, which as you know is what I look for when moderating comments.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Because i have no knowledge of this isdue i will not allow for implicaing an innocent person into the discussion. Just because i do not like someone does not mean i will allow such comments