Thursday, January 31, 2019


In good faith with a clear condition I will not tolerate the troll approach, I agreed to appear on the Barton Castro "Whiner" Show.  Remember both Castro and Barton asked that I appear on the show.  Why would I agree to appear on a show knowing Barton was going to use the Trey Mendez announcement as a forum to attack me?  This is why I conditioned it on the issue of the trolls.  The best Barton can argue for himself is, he does not make agreements in good faith.  It is fact I agreed to appear with the express intent of discussing ways to move Brownsville forward, and then Barton immediately went on the attack using his fact resistant trolls.

But if you are to believe Barton he did it believing the following:

Those of us who know "The Bobster," recognize his "two faces," one personable, almost charming, the other vindictive, frothing with unrighteous indignation, almost always getting his facts wrong."

Typical Jim over broad statements based on no actual evidence.  If you actually believe the above as stated by Barton his "Whiner" show is exposing its listeners to people who "almost always" get their facts wrong.

Jim steals stories from the BV all of the time.  The BV broke the story on Casa del Nylon and sticks with the contemporaneous claims provided to the BV moments after the executive session ended.  The has been a story played out by all of the blogs with zero interest in actual facts.  They just repeat the salacious part of the story, without delving into the facts.

No matter what Jim and his friends Montoya, McHale, or Castro tell you no known professional appraisal of the building has been produced. They just keep on quoting Pat Ahumada's personal appraisal who clearly has a score to settle on the issue.  This is not facts boys and girls just quoting a man they have all condemned when it suits their lies and deception.  They are a bunch of whiners, devoid of any interest in facts or basic economics.

I have no idea the true value of the Casa del Nylon, but having owned many houses, I know the appraisal district always under appraises the value of property for property tax purposes.  I can sell my home for $170,000 in a month, but the appraised value is $122,576.  Zillow's estimated values have no relationship to reality. 

We have no idea yet of  the specifics of the deal concerning the sale of the Casa del Nylon and how its new use will impact the overall collected taxes collected in the downtown area.  It end up being a big boom for Brownsville.  The three fail to understand basic economics and just go with Pat Ahumada's salacious claims as to the Casa del Nylon's value

According to Barton it is juvenile for me to withdraw support from people he himself call short on facts.  Who in their right mind supports people short on facts, other than Barton and Castro.

In a pathetic attempt to save his reputation he wants you to believe I trust Barton and Castro.  I have always been highly critical of both of being circus clowns.  When Barton was challenged to apologize for attacking me with a falsified email from Roman Perez he said hell know.

Castro loves to steal my writings, then allow all his moronic troll friends to attack me, while blocking me.

This is why I made the deal - I would not do the show if I had to deal with the trolls.  Barton knows this to be the truth, and just lies.  He actually believes I was going to allow him to attack me the following day,and then trust our deal.  This is how stupid he really is.

The night was about Trey Mendez celebrating his announcement for mayor and Barton true to form turned it into a forum to discredit me. He did the same thing with the Cascos event.  I warned Morgan this would happen.  I warned Trey this would happen. I responded to defend myself and he has a meltdown with over broad statements supported by not one piece of evidence.

I am US government certified in English, Spanish and Russian. I certainly know the difference between pieces of shit and pieces of shits.  I made it clear I fear loss of my cognitive function.  It is real and happening. And Barton the inhumane thing he is, uses it to discredit me. But no, Barton with no facts to support his childish meltdown calls it all hypochondria.  I have been up since 3 a.m. screaming in horrible pain from the neuropathy.  No amount of medicine would help.  If finally gave up on more medication helping and started to try and walk around which at times helps.  

The pain is now at tolerable levels.  I had to take another low dosage of Cialis which is the medication of choice for neuropathy caused by diabetes.

My medical records are filed under seal with the court.  But the facts do not support Barton's diatribe of hate and inhumanity so he calls it hypochondria. 


There were plenty of people at the table who heard my slurred speech, which is why I do not drink more than one.  Sweet Red Wine has half the alcohol of regular wine, hence my wine of choice.  When Jim asked me about appearing on the show my speech was slurred and I apologized and he said it happens to everyone.  He lies to fit his diatribe of hate and human indecency into his story.

I agreed to appear under the promise of ending the troll attacks on me.  Think about this objectively, why would I agree to appear on a show knowing my reputation would be attacked?  Jim just lies.  He broke his promise the second he made it, and when I called him out on it, he goes back on the attack foaming at the mouth to the point he does not even realize he is admitting to inviting people to appear on the "Whiner" show who he considers to be short on the facts.

The only change in personality was Jim's.  Jim is so delusional he thinks he can attack people with lies and then when they defend themselves he can put out more lies to justify his original lies.


He allowed for what he knew was a lie about me filing endless motions to recuse judges in that case.  There is no factual truth to this.  So long as a troll attacks me with lies, Jim is all smiles.  I filed one after the court coordinator personally threatened me.  According to Jim this is acceptable conduct - well Jimbo it is not.  The other judge recused himself because he  did not want to be in the middle of the mess created by a corrupt judge, perhaps the worse court coordinator I have ever dealt with, and Mike Hernandez and his attorneys.

The new judge is going to be fine.  I spoke with the coordinator yesterday and this policy of hiding motions from the judge and lying about the rules is over with.  I was assured that the judge will review all of my motions, including for hearings by submission or phone as per the rules, and that she as the coordinator will not withhold them from the judge such as the original coordinator did at every move.  The other coordinator denied I filed any of the Motions originally set for January 10, 2019.  This one aware of the problem went out of her way to tell me she has them all ready for the judge and they were in fact filed back in November.



You see I am not Barton, I believe no one and endlessly seek to verify.  At the Trey event she looked me in the eye and said Rick Longoria is telling the truth when he says her father was not in executive session during the sale of the Casa del Nylon deal.  When she said the lie you could see in her eyes and hear in her voice her shame.  I will give her that.  My source told me Abraham Galonsky was in the room minutes after executive session ended.  That is a contemporaneous statement which among a jury carries a lot of weight.  

Now years later after no one has ever denied the claim, no even Ben Neece after endless conversations on the issue, the BV's story is false.  Rick Longoria is protecting Cabler. it is that simple.  Elizondo's trial is coming up and depending on what comes out Cabler's campaign will be over.  Remember Rick Longoria is also defending Carlos Marin and his $900,000 scam against the Brownsville taxpayers.  Nurtith has every reason to go along with the lie to defend herself and her father.  When we have Mike  Hernandez and Abraham Galonsky's hit men running cover for one another we are screwed.


Well when Nurith says she inherited the Tenaska mess she is running from it because she did not create it.  Is this going to be her excuse for not fixing the problems in the city.  She inherited them and did not create them.


But the story as to the best candidate does not end with one post.  She is clearly the best educated candidate who can work reasonably with Trey Mendez and John Cowen Jr. They both are smart enough to keep one eye open at all times.

We need highly educated people on the Brownsville City Commission.  No matter what I think of Jessica Tetreau, since I get to vote in that one, given the choice between Tetreau and Ahumada I would have to vote for Jessica.  She will just sit their dumfounded without a majority to back her, while Ahumada will make meetings impossible.  And the latter is not an option if we are to move the city forward.  How you vote is more complex than one issue or issues of trust.


Anonymous said...

"My source told me Abraham Galonsky was in the room minutes after executive session ended." Please explain. I'm not smart enough to know how being in the room minutes the after executive session ended is the same as having been in the room during the executive session. Oh, and I will happily defend you on this impairment thing. Your level of writing skill seems unchanged to me.

BobbyWC said...

My statement is clear. Go post your troll nonsense on Bartons page.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Mr. Ahumada reminded me how he cared about dogs in our community. On Monday, KVEO Channel 23 news reported the death of a small Dachshund dog. The police stated that the dog had been shot by the dog owner’s neighbor. Nothing has been reported after this report of any charges brought against the person involved in the incident. What procedures are followed by law enforcement agencies when an incident like this happens? It’s beyond me, that something like this could happen to a small dog especially if he was my dog.

BobbyWC said...

Pat is a wondeful advocate for dogs. He just cannot work with people. But he is know as maybe the best advocate for dogs in the area. the BPD will neve do their job. If they know who shot the dog the person should have been arrested. I am so done with the BPD. I know too many who give whores a pass downtown in exchange for favors even while married. I have never successfully called the BPD to report a crime and get an ounce of help. In one case the women was cover in bruses and they refused to arrest the man because she would not sign the complaint. That is not the law. We can rid Brownsville of every police officer and we would be no the worse. Every sergent and up needs to go and be relaced. ZThen maybe with real leadership the patrol officers will take their jobs seriously

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can the police arrest such individual without the case first being investigated by the District Attorney? If so, what does it takes for the District Attorney to make a decision on this case?

Bobby WC said...

If the case is a misdemeanor they can be arrested at the scene, a report filed with the DA and then his office without a grand jury issues and Information, which is the same as an Indictment but without a grand jury because it is only a misdemeanor.

If it is a felony and they have enough evidence of a crime they can arrest the person, bail can be set, and once the investigation is done it will be presented to the grand jury to determined if there is enough evidence for a felony indictment.

I hope this helped.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

If the case is a misdemeanor they can be arrested at the scene, a report filed with the DA and then his office without a grand jury issues and Information, which is the same as an Indictment but without a grand jury because it is only a misdemeanor.

If it is a felony and they have enough evidence of a crime they can arrest the person, bail can be set, and once the investigation is done it will be presented to the grand jury to determined if there is enough evidence for a felony indictment.

I hope this helped.

Bobby WC