Saturday, January 26, 2019


For reasons I do not remember, while working with someone on the computer, I tried to stand. The first 4 times with no use of my left leg and a week right leg I fell back into the chair. The fifth time I tipped left and took a hard fall,  I broke my computer, the chair tipped on top of me, and a table I use to sort document tipped over on to of me.

VA emergency care, and a private doctor both told me to call an ambulance, but I know Valley Baptist - they have no care.   I crawled into bed and remain here with my laptop.  I'm just dealing with a lot of pain.  I have messages in with both my neurosurgeons.

I was able to crawl to get the walker.  It is taking way too much upper body strength so I will only use it for the bathroom. 

My legs are in just to weak to try and stand.  Also the pain is unbearable.


Anonymous said...

How about Valley Regional Hospital? Are you taking your medication?

BobbyWC said...

The VA has an ER contract with Valley Baptist. So I have no choice. I can go to McAllen Medical Center, but when they could not do a spinal tap they threw me out. M attending called in a neurosurgeon and in my bed without a florascope had no problem. His findings got to where were are, but the VA went with the neurologist refusing treatment and ignored the MRI and spinal tap. When the neurologist convinced the EMG doctor at the VA to not do the EMG requested by the neurosurgeon he dropped me as a patient. SO McAllen is not an option. I put he neurologist under peer review.
Washington forced the EMG which verified the need for the spinal surgery.

Both neurosurgeons working wirh me in SA already have emergency secure emails on what happened. Bcause I told I am just in a lot of pain an need the walker to stand I will not hear from them until Monday.

I can deal with pain. I most I sprained a few things. I just woke up. My surgery appointment is the 7th, but I undestand more testing is required before the surgery. They wll hopefully expedited it. the spine surgeon put me on 6 more weeks of physical therapy a the center on Boca Chica with the dolphins. DO not be fooled a lot of these centers have techs and not physical therapist. They had to put in writing the name of the physical therapist who will attend to me. I hope by next week the VA approves the therapy,

I just need to always be with the walker. The spine surgeon believes I need a lot of exercice in the pelvic area.

But I am in paid and concerned I may have damaged the surgery in the fall. If I am still in this much pain I will go if they agree to the correct testing, but no treatment. The VA will approve emergency care by my neurosurgeons if neede.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A blog writer you may be, a doctor you are not ,take the treatment you are offered or Die

BobbyWC said...

A reader you are not. Valley Baptist has no treatment options. The system is set up that the neurosurgeon and my primary care doctor will communicate on Monday morning by phone. Medications can be changed by an expert which does not exist at Valley Baptist. Addition testing MRI.s x-rays can all be ordered by the expert Valley Baptist does not have. The VA can actually authorize I be transported to Methdodist Stone Oak if need be.

There is a lot my neurosurgeons can do by phone working with my primary care doctor no doctor associated with Valley Baptist can do. So why would I not just wait until Monday morning and just stay in bed?

You trolls love looking stupid.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You stated that you had slurring speech after one drink at Trey Mendez's pachanga. Was this cause because you are taking medication and drinking alcohol? Remember what happened to Tiger Woods, he had an accident due to drinking and taking medication. Ben was correct in telling you to call a Uber if you are going to a pachanga. Do not drive.

BobbyWC said...

Anyone who knows me knows i cannot drink. It is very rare i have drink
Sweet red wine has half the alcohol of regular wine is why i drink it on very rare ocassion. The meds i take which interact with the brain i take at bectime. While on no medication my speech will begin to slur on a half a drink
This is why i have never been a drinker. But even if i go to another event and use Uber i will limit my self th o one drink.

Bobby Wc