Wednesday, January 23, 2019


 Now Mike and Montoya will tell you they know the facts even though they were not privy to the conversation. Patricia Cannon the Court Coordinator for Judge Susan McCoy is so angry as a person she is incapable of a normal or professional conversation.

The conversation is just bizarre.  But going backwards she seems to misunderstand that my phone bill will prove my endless calls to her to set my motion to dismiss under the Anti-Slapp Motion.  She seems to think a federal judge will  dismiss my written request for hearing and attached Fiat (notice of hearing)  Judge McCoy had the right to not agree to my hearing as requested but she had a legal duty to deny my request and still set it.

So in December she sets all of my motions to have the case dismiss or transferred and for sanctions.  I sent her a letter with separate fiats for each Motion.  She set them and put the judges stamp on them.

Today she calls me angry as a mad cow, telling me Judge McCoy was not going to put up with me setting matters for hearing and then cancelling them.  Okay a judge cannot threaten someone.  Judge McCoy has major psychological problems and contempt for the parties.  Second she had under seal my medical records to show I was justified the January 10, 2019, hearing so her threat was based on cancelling a hearing for emergency medical reasons which were document by the doctor and my insurance company, and not hypochondria as alleged by Mike Hernandez and Montoya, is  discrimination under the ADA.  The judge has the complaint.

They this crazy Patricia Cannon tells me she will not reset my January 10, 2019, hearings because there are no motions filed with the court to justify the hearings.  If this were true then how did the judge sign the orders for the January 10, 2019, hearing.

She becomes angry with me when I tell her I am going into the file and will give her the date and time the clerk file marked the pleadings.  It was an inconvenience for her to wait two second for me to remove my portable hard drive from my lap top to my PC.

I kept on giving her the date and time of each motion and she kept on saying they were not there,  She lied over and over again.  She claimed no fiats were sent with the request for hearing when I am literally looking at them on the computer.

It was clear she was going to obstruct the process and we were going to accomplish nothing.

Because of her threat on my health I told Patricia Cannon she can no longer set hearings because within the hour a motion to recuse based on her conduct and the ADA complaint I would file a Motion to Recuse.  4-5 times I explained to her action by the court was now stayed and she kept on saying she was going to record I was refusing a hearing on my Motions.  This would have been a criminal entry into the record.

The federal lawsuit enjoining her will be filed by a week from Friday.  No federal judge will look at the pleadings and not find her to be hopelessly bias.

Before this Frank Hill, Hernandez's lawyer filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on a lawsuit he never filed.  He continued to sign another affidavit with conclusory statements to support the Summary Judgment.

I did provide Mike the name of a good malpractice lawyer so he can sue Frank Hill.

Also when I filed the Motion to Dismiss based on the Anti-Slapp Motion all discovery was barred.  This would explain why Mike Hernandez's idiot lawyer is asking I be sanctioned for not answering the discovery which the law barred once a motion to dismiss is filed.

Another issue is Patricia Cannon repremanding me for cancelling a hearing after the original appeal was filed.  Once the appeal was filed the trial court lost all jurisdiction.  My motion legally could not be heard.  But Patricia Cannon was not having it. I had no right to cancel a hearing on my motion when I knew the court had no jurisdiction.  Unlike Frank Hill I would have be honest with the court and said any order signed for my benefit is void and I would tell the court of appeals same.  Otherwise I would have been caught with all of the costs of the appeal.  Now had I played this unethically Mike Hernandez would have order Montoya with the headline - Wightman Ordered to Pay Appellate Fees for Pursuing a Motion when he knew the court had no jurisdiction.

But I am sure Montoya will have a completely different story even though neither he, nor Mike, nor Mike's attorney was there.  Any lie will be attributed to Patricia Cannon and Judge McCoy for defamation purposes because they are they only ones who could tell Frank Hill what happened.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You cancelled scheduled court hearings? Man, I wish I knew that was a thing. So many times I didn't feel like going to court and I could have just cancelled them for cause? I wasn't smart enough to do that. I thought only the presiding judge could cancel a hearing. I knew I could have made the request but I never realized I actually had the power.

BobbyWC said...

You can only withdraw the hearing on your own motion, not your opponents motions. Then you have to file a verified Motion for Continuance after first consulting with the otherside to try and come to an agreement.

Bobby WC