Sunday, January 20, 2019


The BISD teachers and trustees are shameless for not celebrating this day.  There are many good teachers, in fact awesome teachers.  But they are active participants in killing this dream.  BISD can retaliate against all of them for not playing along with the corruption and I say - good they are finally getting their punishment for helping to kill this dream.

I am beyond done with this country and the entitlement to corruption our elected officials feel entitled to.  It shames me that I am tired of the wealthy pig Mexicans destroying everything good in Brownsville.  I only speak of the wealthy like Carlos Marin destroying Brownsville for their own greed.  My heart and arms are open to the poor and middle class Mexicans who give dignity to their culture.  I say open the border to this honorable people instead of the wealthy who come to steal.

How did we get to the point I as a Latino had to file a National Discrimination Complaint against three Mexican Nationals at the VA for covering for one another to the detriment of the veterans.  Two are now US citizens, one can have his green card pulled and deported - and that is my goal.

If you do not know the value of this speech you have no right to rights in this country or the right to immigrate here. 


Anonymous said...

BISD does not honor or celebrate Chicano Icon Cesar Chavez, of course
the same goes for MLK. All to make the calendar free to fit charro days festivities. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

You praise Cesar Chavez but you hate Trump. Chavez was against illegal immigration. He fought to stop illegals from coming into the US illegally. He built a 100 mile long tent barrier along the border to stop illegals from coming in. Even back then he knew it was the right thing to do and people praised him for it. What has changed other than the hatred towards President Trump?

BobbyWC said...

You are mixing apples and oranges. One this post was on Dr. King, not Cesar Chavez. Two I clearly stated I am against the wealthy Mexican Nationals coming in and treating us like shit.

Chavez, such as most legal day laborers on the border was opposed to the undocumented immigrants as strike breakers etc.

Today I know managers in the fields. We have come a long way. They are turning their crops back into the ground because there are no workers, or at least enough workers.

It is a different world. But I have stood with the local workers against the low payiing undocumented workers. My brother in law as a master mason had to keep on moving his family around the state because he could not compete with the low wages paid not only to undocumented workers but also those with visas to enter Brownsville to show and then work for less than US Citizens.

My issue is we need a pathway to citizenship for these people do they are not abused with lower wages and then everyone's wages will go up.

Also you are clueles about how much money the government is paying out because of no pathway to citizenship.

I have worked on endless cases where the father is deported eventhough he has a successful business and paying for the home and car. The mother and children are US citizens. You know what happens. Instead of his business paying into the tax bases the mother and children are put on public assistance and there is no way to collect child support.

This issue is so so complex. There are some 600,000 U.S. children without access to healthcare or an education beacause of the Hague Abduction Treaty. We win some and lose some. But I find it sickening that the US government can deport an American citizen child born to a US Citizen because a foreign nation parent who has been deported claims the custody battle should be done in their country because the children went and spent the summer with them.

You are clueless about the billions lost in child support and public assistance because you support deportation instead of a pathway to citizenship.

Trump could build his wall on the lost billions

And to the troll whose comment I rejected. Learn to read English. My last sentence is geared to wealthy immigrants who do not respect our laws and constitution. Yea you will deport the poor who work hard for an honest days work but keep these wealthy foreigners trashing our laws. A true troll

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Your comment was getting through until the end. But I will comment on it. So you are saying our teachers were never properly taught about DR. King and the marches and inequalities. Wow that is a major insult on our teachers and their teachers.

It is not about Dr. King, it is about what he symbolized. And as I said before, I would prefer a national holiday in honor of Civil Rights and all who fought for them. Dr. King's I have a dream speech would have been meaningless had he not had thousands marching with him.\

Bobby WC