Thursday, January 24, 2019


UPDATE:  I am up because of the neuropathy.  Last night when I posted this story I was very tired.  So now I am going to try an correct some of the horrible grammar.

Just before Trey Mendez's pachanga started Adela Garza announced just today they received notice the nursing program was restored which was lost under Lily Tercero.

And before I hear it Trey did have free food, but I did not eat any of it.  I sat with a lot of people coming and going and bought the table a large order of fajita nachos.  And yes I was a bad boy, I had two Maker's Mark with coke.  It cost me about $40,00 for everything.

I learned a lot .  I believed somethings, then cross checked with other people who would also know.  I kept my conclusions to myself and will report on the campaigns as I see them.

I am 100% confident in the Trey Mendez, John Cowen and Nurith Galonshy team, although I know at times, Trey Mendez, John Cowen and Nurith Galonsky will disagree the three together will flip this city into the gem it should be.  Nurith Galonsky's Spanish is impeccable having had a Latina mother.  Her history as an attorney in Dallas was for the poor and abused.  She knows what the people of Southmost live through.

I had a great night.  Everyone was very nice and professional with me.  I learned a lot.

Ben Neece got a good laugh when he saw me slurring my speech after one drink.  I stayed until I knew I was very fine to drive.  And Ben is right in the future I should call Uber and just have fun.

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