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From Duardo's morning post of lies and deceptions.  Yes he will have a tirade and instead of correcting his deception he will go on the attack calling himself a journalist.  The following is laughable and clearly shows his complete lack of interest in facts and research, or a need to desperately lie.

"moving to Republican strongholds such as Dallas."  Dallas is many things but a Republican stronghold is a joke.  In just this election for the first time in maybe 20 years Democrats were elected to the Dallas Court of Appeals.  Dallas for at least 12 years has been solid Democrat, but now the surrounding counties have gone purple and allowed for every Republican on the Court of Appeals ballot to be sent packing in favor of a Democrat.

12 years ago I voted early in Dallas having been very active in the campaign, before moving here on October 30th.  The Democrats won all 40 county wide seats they sought.  It was a Republican Party bloodbath.

In a fluke election about 4 years ago a Republican won for DA because the Latinos refused to vote for the sitting Democratic DA.  He had gained an image of insulting the Latino judges, disrespecting Latino lawyers, and giving better plea bargains to defendants of African descent, over Latinos.  In November of this year the Democrat handily beat the one term Republican.

Because the outlying counties are now purple, every Dallas Court of Appeals Republican on the ballot lost.  Even Pete Sessions a long time Republican member of the House in the  growing purple suburbs, lost.

Yes Dallas is many things, but a Republican stronghold is not one of them.


We need to identify the issues important to each of us and then seek out the candidate who bests reflects our values. Voting for a person without regard for the issues is always a mistake.

Barton is reporting this morning Mayor Martinez voted in a direction I hope all candidates will support.  It is my understanding Trey Mendez supports Tony's vote.  So this is a good start for both candidates.  Charlie Cabler is free to chime in and say he agrees.  I will give all three candidates a save harbor post on any issue any time - this means no comments.  My readers like when they can just read the candidate's position on issues without distractions.  This offer applies to all candidates - period.  Just email it to me and it will get a safe haven post - again no comments.

From Barton:

"Amazingly, Mayor Martinez also supported something he's he's opposed in the past, discussions to form a regional Metropolitan Planning Organization.  Currently, the region is served by three independent MPOs, Hidalgo County, Harlingen and Brownsville."

I supported regional organizing in the County Judge race, and since before the race and continue to support it.  If Cameron County cannot do it, then we need a city government which can make it happen throughout the county and adjoining counties.


I do not see life as now or else.  I am patient and will keep on pushing for what I know is right.  Since 1999, I have written letters to the Editor speaking to the issue of hemp and why it is good for the LRGV.  I put the issue on the map in Texas in 2000, and was shot down.

The President is expected tomorrow to sign  the new Farm Bill to make hemp legal.  If we as a city and county can work with all cities and adjoining counties hemp can become a multi-billion dollar economic engine for the area.  It needs a lot less water than cotton and no pesticides.  The weather in the LRGV is perfect for hemp.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky got the ball finally running because they needed a replacement crop  for tobacco.  They sought out limited federal permission to grow hemp, and now more and more fields which previously grew tobacco will now grow hemp.

If as a candidate for municipal office in Brownsville you do not speak to the issue, then you are not seeing the potential billion dollar industry.  But it will take cooperation between the cities and adjoining counties.  The best approach is to accept the processing plants are best built in the outlining areas where the hemp will be grown.  This gives the smaller cities their financial interest.  The cities need to join forces to attrack investors in all the larger cities for manufacturing plants.  We need to share on the plants and not overly compete against one another to get them all.

Then there will be warehousing and shipping.  This could also help the Port.  The county and all the cities need to form a Hemp Development Corporation for the better of all.  The school districts, community colleges, and Port need to be part of this entity which has as its sole purpose to help farmers get into the hemp business and draw business to the area to be shared by all.

Every political entity needs to work as one with the intent to share the growth.  But if we have a municipal government in Brownsville saying "mine all mine."  We will get nothing.


If you look to any major development in any city it begins with downtown.  Downtown Dallas was a graveyard at night.  A few smart investors took the gamble, and now at $4000 a month for the best 2 bedroom condo or apartment it is only for the wealthy.  The outlying areas to the east, west, south and north immediately started to build new housing and apartments and condos.  The explosion of economic develop came from point zero - downtown.  If the candidate does not understand this then  they should not be part of the Brownsville City Commission.  Downtown Brownsville about 6 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday is packed.  It is happening.  Also with gambling coming to Matamoros we may see new hotels downtown with tour buses taking people across for the gambling.

More in the weeks to come.  This is just a start.  Put your ideas forward and look for the candidates who understand what you believe is necessary to bring about change.  

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