Thursday, December 13, 2018


I will also note when asked on camera to defend his decision to fire Lily Tercero he defended his position with the why and firmly stated he would do it again.

Trey Mendez Not sure where my friend Charlie asked me this, but will answer off the top of my head: (1) Lowered tuition by 37 % in our first semester of being operationally independent from UT (2013), and HAVE NOT raised tuitions since (2) We currently have ALL TIME HIGH enrollment for TSC (7,000+) (3) We have not burdened taxpayers with increased taxes since I've been on the board (4) substantial increase in Texas Workforce dollars (in the millions) for equipment and workforce initiatives. (5) We have given our faculty and staff raises almost every year since 2013 without impacting a balanced budget. (6) increased fund balance to almost a years worth of operations. These are just a few. Thanks

Can someone name any other politico so willing to answer challenging questions so openly?

Cabler under safe haven, meaning no comments, is free to list his accomplishments on the BV at any time.  The BV is giving equal access to everyone - safe haven included.

I want Cabler to answer one question. when Galonsky was in executive session negotiating the price for the Casa del Nylon, why did you not stop it.  When the City of Dallas did this with Mark Cuban over the new arena the federal judge voided the vote.

We want to know Mr. Cabler as the city manager why did you allow this violation of the law to happen?


Anonymous said...

No taxes, which is a great thing for a community as poor as ours. Lower tuition for TSC student is also a great thing. However, 13 million dollars buy lots of pizza for our TSC students also. Firing Tercero and saying it over and over is not an excuse for losing 13 million dollars. If there was such a concern regarding the mismanagement of TSC by Tercero to fire her, why did they extend her contract only a few months before firing her? Maybe, Charlie forgot to ask such question, but the community is not forgetting.

Regardless of the situation, Mr. Mendez is still the best candidate for any position in our community. However, like any politician he will have to answer for any action taken while serving this community. You say that Mr. Mendez reads the BV. Please print this comment so that Mr. Mendez can respond to any future individual like Mr. Atkinson regarding his decisions as a public official.

If Mr. Mendez wins the election, there will be a vacancy in the TSC Board of Trustees. Who can be a best candidate for such office? Who has been advocating for new innovative programs for this community? Who has been the voice for this community? BOBBY WC!

BobbyWC said...

Firat of all the only person between Trey and Charlie not answering questions is Charlie. Your characterization of the Tercero issue is an outright lie. Also I have never said Mendez reads the BV. Your entire post is a pathetic spin Trey confronted the Tercero issue up front an answered all questions, defending his vote and said he would do it again.

When if Charlie Cabler going to answer my question about who was working on his mustange and who was paying for it? When is he going to answer the charges listed against him in the audit.

Not a penny has been paid to Lily Tercero. They have insurance for a lot of it. In the Motion for New Trial the judge can throw out the verdict, get rid of all of the punitive damages, or pass it to the court of appeals. This case will be overturned on appeal and Lily Tercero will owe a lot of attorneys fees to TSC.

You seem to support Lily Tercero hiding from the Trustees the nursing program failed, and that she used the signature stamps of two former trustees. Obviously you find this acceptable. Owe it will play in the press and Charlie Cablers defense of Lily Tercero will only reaffirm for the people he was a horrible city manager.

Until you know these things it is hard to judge someone correctly when giving them a raise.

Why act so stupid and make Charlie Cabler look even worse than he already does.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why do you always insult people whose opinions are different than yours?