Monday, December 31, 2018


The picture is 1964, about a year or less after daddy died.  It is the first known picture of the entire family with mom after daddy passed.

The picture reflects our family's new beginnings.  Our journey began here.  This journey defined us.  The bigotry which is faced by a Hispanic widow with 7 kids hit us hard.

The lessons of mom having to work in order to get public assistance.  The requirement she go to the university to become a social worker informed us there is no excuse for not moving forward.  It made us all more determined.

Public assistance was hard on mom because she was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, was well educated, and was able to carry the family for several years on the life insurance.

But reality set in.  With pride she went to work and the university. The older ones had a duty to care for the younger ones.

Pasternak in Dr. Zhivago used trains to transition from one period to another.  I use pictures.

We have come a long way since this picture was taken in 64'.

2019 is upon us, and now we face the passing of the oldest with the prospect of the passing of another.  [to be honest so far Sloan Kettering has been overly alarming for no reason ].  We are transitioning into the period of retirement and passing.  Our parents never reached the age of retirement.  So we are on a journey we never saw through the eyes of our parents.

2019 will be exciting as more of us enter retirement.  Funny how the only one who is officially retired is the youngest.  Air traffic controllers must take retirement at age 55, with the option of one more year.

In November I apply for social security, for a March 2020 start date.  Given the fact our parents died in their later 50's and the eldest died at 70, I decided to take social security early.


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