Monday, December 10, 2018


My spinal surgery recovery is going well. My only issues remain the travel restriction - which means no NY for Christmas which is killing me because it will be the last Christmas for a sibling who is dying very soon from cancer - no lifting more than 10 pounds, and sitting for no more than 10-15 minutes.  So long as I follow the rules I am pain free and extremely mobile and active.

I still have the bottle of hydocodone with 6 pills the VA gave me for two weeks use on October 18, 2018.  There would be more except for the blinding headaches which have come back.

As I noted I had a major vision improvement after the spinal surgery.  But then I had a major increase in floaters and flashing light in my left eye.  I was sent to the Ophthalmologist for possible retina detachment.  She is uncertain.  She thinks there is a small teat, but no detachment.  She measured my corrected vision at 20/25.

The VA then sent me to an optometrist for a formal new prescription.  He corrected me to 20/20.  I saw the numbers myself.  Then I did a follow-up with the Ophthalmologist and with the new lenses I was at 20/60.  The VA checked to make sure the lenses were properly made.  They were.  They sent me back to the optometrist who verified the prescription was correct, but that my vision changed to 20/60.  They are filling the new prescription now, but they best they can do is 20/30.


My typing is getting worse because of the vision problems.  Next week I will have the new glasses which should help..  My right eye is 20/20. buy my left is 20/60.  My reading vision went from 20/20 with no corrections, to a small correction in the left eye only.  We do know the gel in the left eye is shrinking.


The VA is actively working to get me in with the brain neurosurgeon in the same clinic where I had my spinal surgery done.  4 brain MRI's over 4 years show progressive brain disease.  The VA's neurologist while trained in India never learned how to read MRIs.  So as not to be called out as being anti Indian, the best neurosurgeon in in the Valley is from Pakistan, and the best Ophthalmologist is from India.  The VA doctor when she came to the states just chose to not go for the training.  That is on her character and not on her nationality.

There is no question I have hydrocephalus, white matter which would normally indicate dementia or Alzheimer, atrophy, microhemorrhaging, scar tissue from the microhemorrhaging, empty sella syndrome and more.  The VA calls this all normal for a 60 year old.  Well the NIH says hell no.

A call to Washington forced them to send me to he specialist.  Twice in my life I have been scheduled for shunting to relieve the hydrocephalus.  The first time, MRI's were new, and Arlington, Texas did not even have one.  It was based on a CT scan.  A second opinion from a DO neurosurgeon stopped it based on the fact at the time there were not enough pictures of the brain to know for sure what was normal.

The second time a few years ago, I was scheduled for the surgery by a brain neurosurgeon in McAllen.  At the last minute a VA doctor stopped it.  He was an optometrist with zero knowledge of neurology.

This time the consensus is, it is time.  I chose this particular brain neurosurgeon because he can speak with my spinal surgeon to learn I am a good surgery patient, a very important concern, and he is known as as one of the best.

Be patient with my typing it will get better.

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