Saturday, December 29, 2018


My home is my sanctuary, and I am guarded about who gets in.  In part I am guarded because I have zero interior design taste.  A year and I cannot decide what to do about repainting the inside of the house.  I may have finally seen a lobby I like and will use their colors and design.  But I have zero interior design taste. 

Anyway this past year I have invited a host of elected officials and candidates into my home for a more relaxing one on one discussion.  They remain confidential.  I have  turned some people down because I know enough their interest is not a frank and honest discussion, but to just get into my home.

But my home remains open to most elected officials, or candidates.  My post early today on what the people want to hear from the candidates was 100% neutral.  It is beneficial to all candidates equally.

Every candidate is free to submit a safe haven post to the BV about their campaign.  As always a safe haven post means no comments.  Knowing this candidates are more willing to open up.  The only rule I have is, I do not want attack pieces against your opponent.  Just tell my readers what you have to offer, why it is important, and how you intend to accomplish your goals.

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