Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The Monitor article is poorly written but it appears he was also arrested for evading arrest with motor vehicle, and unauthorized possession of weapon   Garza currently works as a visiting judge in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Starr counties.

As of press time the Monitor is reporting Garza remains in jail on a $25,000 bond.

The state legislature needs to address the issue of visiting judges.  It is a huge financial con on the people. There is no reason why sitting judges cannot change cases when one recuse themselves.  But this is a con run by the judiciary to insure retired judges or judges voted out of office continue to receive another paycheck at the expense of the taxpayer.  There is no real need for visiting judges other than to con the taxpayers. Visiting judges have zero accountability to the people.  Whereas elected judges are accountable to the people.


Anonymous said...

Another lawbreaker who needs to be kept in jail, when will we know the truth about this case.
Aparently he has not got the pull that the scumbag Rene Oliveria has, as he is not out on bond

Anonymous said...

No judgement here this is an unfortunate incident that can happen to any one of us . It may also be a cry for help

BobbyWC said...

As they "but for the grace of God go I." So I agree with you. It could be anyone. I believe people with a drinking problem have a need for help. I published a week or so ago that we need to take away the stigma from mental health issues, which include drinking problems.

But I have been at this enough to know some people will never, ever stop no matter how many times they are caught or go to rehab.

The problem we have here is a public image issue. People need to have convidence in the judiciary. When you hold certai offices you give up more of your freedoms.

If he walks people lose confidence in our judiciary and that is the real crime.

Unfortunately the Monitor Article was horribly written. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty or pleads guilty. But you cannot have judges with drinking problems overseeing DWIs.

So I wish him well. If he has a problem and needs help he needs to ask for it. He needs to set a public example and own what he did and then openly discuss what he is doing to get help and advocate those others who need help. This would gain my respect and support for probation. But if he has a problem and will not own it, then let him sink.

Very fair comment on your part extending the discussion. Thanks

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

There is no county record. I would need to know the city. I will not publlish your comment, but will use it as resouce to research the story. If you have the city, that would go a long way.

Bobby WC