Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Tony Martinez comparing the three RGV Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Harlingen,  Hidalgo County, and Brownsville to how Brownsville got the scraps after UTB merged into UTRGV, tells me he is conning the people.  He is smart enough to understand it was comparing oranges to apples.

In the UTRGV development Brownsville had no say and in fact was not at the table with an ounce of authority - fact.

If Brownsville were to join a RGV MPO, it would have a voice at the table in creating the organization, which in turn provides Brownsville protections.

I would be the first to say vote no, if a fair deal cannot be cut with the other entities.  But the fact remains as a member we can impose conditions, an option we did not have in the development of UTRGV.

When Rick Longoria speaks he cannot help but prove he is a fool and is just acting as he is told.

It is very true the Hidalgo County MPO has gotten a lot more than Brownsville.  But why not?  The are a county wide MPO wherein the cities came together as a unit to fight as a unit for more funding.  All Rick did with his comment was prove uniting works.

Brownsville is hell bent at going it alone and being in a constant state of war with its neighbors.

Many moons ago Brownsville, had it had any leadership could have joined Harlingen to build a regional airport.  Brownsville decided to go it alone.  The consequence is Brownsville's airport is a shack going nowhere.  The BV has proven time and time again that at least since 2003. the COB has announced a new runway and new airport.  In the end - nothing.  

I personally will fly United for the last  time in March when I go to Nicaragua for two weeks for my birthday.  I am going on miles.  The ticket is free.

I joined Frontier Air's mileage program and got their credit card.  I charged $500, and got two free tickets.  In the summer I am going to Colorado to spend time with some family, free, and am holding the other free ticket for what is for sure to be another family funeral within a couple of months if not sooner.

This morning, I paid off the $580, I charged.  Why would I fly Brownsville when flying out of Harlingen so a lot cheaper.

Rick Longoria will never admit that all of the lies on the airport since 2003 are the result of a lack of leadership on the city commission.  

I agree with Rick that the failure of TXDot to help fund the loop is a concern.  But will someone tell me please how continuing to go it alone, which is why we are not getting the funding is going to help us get the funding?

I am not saying we should be part of a Regional MPO.  I am saying the excuses are pathetic.  Instead of showing at a meeting and looking like idiots, how about sitting down and try and find a solution which gets Brownsville its fair share.  Intelligent negotiations are not the forte of Rick Longoria or Tony Martinez.

Both must go come May.  This election is going to be tricky.  We need to make sure Mike Hernandez and Abraham Galonsky each have no more than two votes.  Their control of the city commission must end.

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