Wednesday, December 26, 2018


One reason we end up with so many bad commissioners is people think because a commission is constantly being taken down they can run and win. They quickly realize they need money and a machine. Neither materialized and they end up splitting the vote to the advantage of the incumbent.

The BV has made no secret of the fact we have two political machines vying for control of the COB.  We have the Mike Hernanez/Carlos Marin machine, versus the Abraham Galonsky/Martine machine.  I know people who will swear up and down one machine or the other is doing good things for Brownsville.  It is for you the voter to review the verifiable facts and decide.

But for those of you who want to stop the Hernandez/Marin machine you need to look at it strategically.  This biggest prize is the mayor's seat.  The establishment are going to back Tony Martinez, Hernandez/Marin are going to help raise as much money as they can for Charlie Cabler.  I believe lawyers and the downtown business establishment are going to donate heavily to Trey Mendez.

There is no official polling done in our elections.  This race is any one's guess as to who will be in the runoff.  It will come down to getting out their respective messages and the vote.  This one election is going to be expensive.  Guys there is only so much money on the table for the municipal elections.

Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa is a frustrating situation.  Based on her antics and incompetence she should be an easy commissioner to defeat.  But she will have money. Hernandez/Marin are going to make sure of that.  The blind female vote gives her the advantage.  A male candidate attacking her will alienate some female voters.  This race requires a highly qualified female who can raise money to effectively challenge Jessica.  If such a candidate does not appear, then it is best to let this election go.

It is better for the money to be used to oppose Rick Longoria and for an independent voice in the at large seat.

These two seats are an easy win against Hernandez/Marin.  But spending money in the Jessica race is a very big long shot and takes away money from these races and the mayor's race. A Cabler or Mendez win still denies Hernandez/Marin a majority.  It also denies Galonsky a majority.  In the end the people then have independent voices insuring their voice is heard.

There is only so much money.  Playing in all races .could end up leaving the people with no real voice


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of intelligent females in Brownsville who can oppose Jessica. Don’t under estimate the possibilities.

BobbyWC said...

I totally agree with you. For months I have been pushing this. In her district highly qualified women are a dime a dozen. The question is, is there one willing to challenger her and who can raise the money. If so Jessica will be toast.

Bobby WC