Friday, December 7, 2018


First I want to way something about the system in NY in the early 60's. If you owned a home and were on public assistance a lien was placed on the home to cover the public assistance you received.  When mom died the first check written after to the mortgage bank was to the State of NY to cover the $10,000 lien.  I am proud of that fact.  People should not be allowed to build estates to be left to their children while on public assistance.

I remember fondly going to county court house where the 18 wheelers were lined up and you walked up wooden steps.  Mom had a voucher for what she would get.  Rice and beans, powdered milk, various can products, and of course the cheese.

Well mom did not have the money for enough bread to make grilled cheese for all of our friends.  They flocked to the house for the cheese.  Mom would tell them bring two pieces of bread and she would make them grilled cheese sandwiches.  Good times, sharing in the best cheese.

I do support a reform to SNAPP where people still get their Lone Star card but with less money, but also access to healthy food they can get using vouchers.

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