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The above needle point was done by his mother. [we have the same father, different mothers]  The last time I saw him before he went into the nursing home, he gave me the needlepoint along with maybe 50 or so pictures of him as a boy to hold.  He was very clear, he knew his wife and step daughters would  destroy them.

Records will show he requested to be transferred to a nursing home in Brownsville over and over again to get away from his wife and step daughters.  There were pure evil.  The sheriff's report shows they abandoned him in his home knowing he could not stand.  When I learned what they did I called the sheriff's department and they went to investigate, called an ambulance as he was covered in his own feces and urine and had not eaten in several days.

The local sheriff's department refused to prosecute his step-daughter for abandoning him in the home.

I discovered  they had been moving his military retirement into a separate account without his name and the names of his step daughters listed on the account.

After he ended up in the nursing home I discovered a bank document with his forged signature leaving his estate to the step daughters he hated.  The DA refuses to prosecute.  The forgery is black and white.

I have all of his money held up in court.  The corrupt judge decided to take all of his money and put it with the court thereby denying him the money he needed to hire an attorney to protect himself.  There was no motion.  My brother had no attorney.  And the date for when he had to answer the lawsuit they filed against him because his step daughter was claiming his money had not yet arrived.  There the money sits.

Governor Abbott's lawyer is defending the taking of my brother's money without so much as a hearing or my brother having the right to hire an attorney to defend himself.

For three years he has not been allowed to see his neurologist as the brain lesions get worse.  He no longer knows anyone.

The good news more and more federal judges are holding the probate judges and lawyers financially accountable.

The federal government has a new law which compels the DOJ to investigate these cases.

The outright criminal conduct is so bad, the trial judge award over $50,000 to an attorney my brother never hired, and the court told to stand down three years ago because she had no authority in the case.  That judge then recused himself and the visiting judge decided to give her over $50,000, as theft money when she was not even an attorney in the case.

My brother although the law allowed him to hire an attorney was told no by the judge and the judge appointed his friend who was not certified in guardianship law, a requirement of the appointment, and gave him over $50,000.  The guardian who was not even authorized to be a guardian was also given over $50,000.

No one has been paid.  I have the money held up in court.  But time has run out.  I am now moving to federal court.

When my brother was three a corrupt judge and lawyers in Beaumont awarded our joint father custody of the 5 children who had never been to Texas.  Their mother Alice had never been to Texas.  My father's lawyer claimed to have no address for Alice in New Hampshire.  She was defaulted after publication.  But my father had no problem sending a constable to their home in New Hampshire to get the kids. The federal government had been demanding he pay support. He married a drunk to take care of the kids as he went off to the Merchant Marines. This is when the merchant marines were supplying England leading up WWII.  Upon learning she was putting the eldest girl out for money he returned and divorced the drunk - then wife number three.

He then lived in Brownsville for a while working for Pan Am.  He lived on several acres on what is now Waco street near the airport.  He then got transferred to Nicaragua where he eventually met mom.

He left two girls in Brownsville with some nunnery, and sent the oldest and youngest girl, and my brother to live with our grandmother.  Something went wrong and my brother was abandoned to the drunk who for years abused him.

He came to know abuse as normal.

In 1959, some 13 years after my parents married, mom learned the truth - except daddy went to his grave denying Alice was my brother's mother.  He could not admit he abandon my brother to this abusive drunk.  When two of the girls came knocking at the door in Salt Lake in 1959, mom learned the truth.  In 74' Alice and the youngest girl got my mom to finally believe Alice was my brother's mom.

Instead of divorcing him she forced him to reconnect.  The nicest  thing my sister Caroline ever said to me, who is the one who never left Brownsville, was Alicia [mom] made daddy into the man and father he never was to them. All was forgiven and daddy was finally at peace.  He had his own story which the 5 came to understand - no excuses, just understanding.

Mom made daddy take all of his vacation time to reconnect with the 5, and he did, and so did we.  1959 to 1963, every year he had to spend time reconnecting with the 5.

With the exception of my brother all were able to make the trip to Salt Lake just before he died in 63'.  It is a wonderful picture.  My brother had been in the military.

Spring Break of 76' mom asked me to go to Ft. Lauderdale to see the eldest, Shirley and their mom Alice.  Alice and I became best friends right away.  She was grateful that she had reconnected with all of her children especially her little boy.  She was grateful to mom for forcing this issue.  This is why I was eventually given her diary, which has guided me in this story and the court documents out of Beaumont.

But what happened had major consequences in the lives of the 5.  I will go to jail before I allow another team of corrupt East Texas Judges to screw my brother over again.  This is why in his case I am practicing using my State Bar number before the Texas Supreme Court.  The Justices dare not challenge me because they know by law my license is still good.

In fact I am about to make a notice of appearance with my State Bar number before a corrupt Cameron county judge.  I am ready to take on the state and DA Saenz if they say boo.  Also before then the matter will be in federal court.

So in the next week I will spend another $1,000 or so to file in federal court.  Governor Abbott's lying wife is not going to like what I have to say about her broken promise to help.  Governor Abbott's lawyer is a very emotionally disturbed scumbag making it clear the abuse of my brother is not his concern.  Well it is because the governor has oversight over the guardianship program.

The complete story of the 5 will come out and all of the abuse they suffered because of the judicial corruption.

The National Chamber of Commerce in an article published in the Wall Street Journal found East Texas to be the most corrupt judicial region in the United States.  They actually beat out South Texas for judicial corruption.  An all Anglo Republican region -  noted for the racists who call it a Mexican issue.

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