Friday, November 30, 2018


Beto has publicly stated he and his wife are discussing if he will announce for president.  There are at least Two PACS raising money to promote a Beto run.  He is associated with neither.  The most interesting one is the New England PAC.  New Hampshire is a key win out of the gate.  Sources are saying Beto will not make a formal decision until January.


Trey is known for his ability to reason  things out.  He is not going to be pressured by bogus blogosphere made up posts.  If you know Trey you know he would never use his new business as a place to announce.  That is actually a smart move.

My source is telling me he is about 90% sure he will announce.  It could come today or next week.

But here is the problem, effectively everyone is going to be running against Tony Martinez as their primary opponent.  This means the anti-Tony vote will be split 2-4 ways.  So long as it keeps Tony under 50% then we will have a one on one race in a runoff.  The question then becomes how much damage have the anti-Tony candidates done to the other anti-Tony candidates?

We shall see how the next few days go.


Anonymous said...

This Troll says that the power of the party will not let him run.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a candidate who was part of a lawsuit that paid over 10 million dollars of tax payers money for firing the President of TSC? Simple question, no disrespect to you or Mr. Mendez. Yes, he does have the ability to reason things out and he is not going to be pressured by anybody.

As voters determine who will be the best candidate for mayor of this community, they will recollect the fact that he was a board member of the college that lost the lawsuit that awarded the fired President of TSC over 10 million dollars of tax payers money. Ten million dollars can buy lots of pizzas for the community especially for the student of TSC.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the delay in approving comments. I am kind of busy with two siblings dying.

On the lawsuit comment. This will be Trey's uphill battle. But your comments on the status of the lawsuit is wrong. The docket sheet shows the judge has ordered the parties to submit for eletronic filing all documents admitted into evidence. Further the trial transcript has been ordered. This all means the court and the parties are getting ready for a new trial motion, and or appeal.

I know employment law and I am 100% certain the court of appeals will reverse the jury. The admission of using expired signature stamps of former trustees was just cause for her firing. It would not shock me if the trial court voids the judgment on this issue alone. The case law is black and white. The question is does TSC have the lawyers to write a proper motion for New Trial. If I were TSC I would hire a highly qualified appellate lawyer to write the Motion for New Trial.

I agree Trey is going to be forced to address this issue. But I do believe the people of Brownsville will agree Tercero's improper use of the signature stamps justified Trey's decision.

The jury bought into distractions and ignored the agreed upon evidence.

So I do not understand why we should punish Trey for a verdict which has a very high probabilty of reversal because the jury got it wrong. Do you believe the people are going to find they had no right to fire Tercero for her use of signature stamps of former trustees.

To give you some perspective about employment law. You can formally fire someone for cause "A". Then during the lawsuit process discover you had even a better reason to fire the person. The law says after the fact discovery of a good reason to fire the person goes to the jury eventhough it was not a stated reason when the person was fired.

As to Trey running I have no idea what he is going to do. But I am 100% certain his decision will be well measured. He needs to know he can make the run-offs. Cabler is hated by the COB workers for all of his dirty work as the city manager. He has no votes there. Law enforcement and first responders cannot stand Martinez or Cabler. Cabler has too many groups against him. So the run-off will be Trey and Martinez.

The law is only as good as the judges. We have bad judges. A district judge dismissed a lawsuit in clear violation of TRCP 65. The corporation never filed a Motion to Dismiss on the Amended lawsuit. TRCP 65 says the Amended pleading and any motion to dismiss on the original pleading is void.

But here is the kicker. EEOC has confirmed they now have the case under review if they will file the federal lawsuit because the person was fired for speaking English. It was a spontaneous act after the person spoke English to the Manager from the Matamoros side. There are witnesses who have made clear they were ordered to fire this person for speaking English.

But this corrupt Cameron county judge has no problem if you are fired in Brownsville for speaking English. Now a federal judge will get the EEOC part of the lawsuit. So in employment law it is only as good as the judges and some judges simply do not care about the law.

I see the Tercero verdict being reversed. I am 100% certain of this. So if it is reverese was Trey wrong in voting to fire her?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

".... Tercero's improper use of the signature stamps justified Trey's decision."

Again, no disrespect to you or Mr. Mendez. Is the above statement your own opinion or has Mr. Mendez stated that it was the determining factor in which he based his decision?

You also stated that you are certain 100% that the verdict will be reverse. However, if it is not reverse, the question among voters will be why consider a candidate that was part of a lawsuit that gave over 10 million dollars of taxpayers money due to the decision to fire the President of TSC? Let's hope that the right decision is made by the court because we do need capable leaders in our community.

BobbyWC said...

Great post, but you missed a key part of my post above. TSC could have discovered this after the lawsuit was filed and used it as a defense.

The Herald reported both sides agreed she used stamps of former trustees. There is no fact question there since they agree. All the law requires is one good cause to discharge and all of the other stuff, which may have been screw ups by TSC become meaningless.

Also as to Trey's opponents, I'm curious if they raise the issue. Does Charlie Cabler really want people discussion is poor management of the city and effectively having him say as the former City Manager he would not have fired someone for using improper stamps on a check written by the city. Remember the stink everyone made over Pat Ahumada. I think Trey's opponents will he shooting themselves in the foot if they argue the use of signature stamps of former trustees was not good cause to fire her. There will be admitting as the Mayor they will allow for such conduct.

Other than a Motion for New trial nothing will happen before the election to change the result. We are looking at maybe a year and a half before the court of appeals chimes in.

But good question expanding the discussion.

Also sorry for the late approval. It seems google is not only not sending me notice of a post, but it is taking several hours before the posts appear in pending posts.

Bobby WC