Wednesday, November 14, 2018


No it is not too early to start this conversation.  Right now what we know for sure is there will be two political machines vying to take control.  Mike Hernandez and Abraham Galonsky will each have a cabal of candidates running to take control.

I have spoken about this before.  We need an independent organization which can pool resources for independent candidates so they will be on equal footing.  The only requirement will be they are not part of either of the above machines.

There are a lot of highly qualified people who would serve Brownsville well, if they could get elected.  But without money or a machine there chances are not very good.

It is up to the people who want independent minded people to form a group and raise the money.  The idea is to raise enough money for a web page where each candidate will have a link to their FB and/or web page.  The second part is to raise enough money for ads and mailers directing the people to the Independent candidate web page.  By pooling the limited resources people who would never get off the ground will be on equal footing with the machine candidates.

I am in to make this happen.  The question is are there enough Independent business people tired of the machines who will to help make this happen.  I am confident with seed money to set up the web page and one ad, money will flow and Independent candidates will announce knowing they will get a lot of exposure.


Anonymous said...

Crazy idea, it will never work. I commend your attitude, but seriously, the machines make up the majority of the votes.... the independents will be fighting for scraps... and will only benefit the stronger machine... I do not think it is Galonsky’s. The machines have blind support, the palanca comes to mind... they don’t care who the person is, they just do as the machine.. or party tells them. Why don’t we make it mandatory to pass an IQ Test in order to hold a voting card? That would eliminate most of Brownsville!

BobbyWC said...

We can only try.

Bobby WC