Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I want to say the Cowen family is one of the few political families who seem to truly put the people first.  I was excited to see Phil Cowen vote the right way on Rick Longoria.

Today there will be a large blind female vote in the BISD election.  The female candidates are always the beneficiaries of the blind female vote.  But in a key race there are 2 women and three men.

National polling is showing a surge in the female vote.  If the same holds for the BISD election the females will have the advantage.  Remember there is no run-off.  The candidate with the most votes even at 20.1 % can win the election.  The percentages I am presenting throughout this post are the minimum needed to win.  But if for some reason some of the male candidates get so few votes one male can surpass the minimum needed for a female to win.

Because Caty Presas Garcia is not even a factor and Drue Brown is a well known entity and liked by the teachers and administrators at BISD she will easily garner the 20.1% to win.

The three men splitting the small percentage of women who will vote for them and the majority of the male vote, makes it hard for any of them to reach 20.1%.

Dr. Prisci Roca Tipton is the only female in her race.  She needs 25.1% to win.  The three men will split the majority of the male vote where Dr. Tipton will get the majority of the female vote if past patterns pan out.  Again if two of he men just flop one could surpass the minimum to win.

Powers, Castro, Elizondo - this race changed today.  If Castro comes in first the second place winner can sue to keep him from taking his seat claiming he is a convicted felon.   Sylvia has her majority with Brown, Tipton, and Peña, so she can sacrifice Powers.  As of today I do not believe Sylvia would do anything to keep Castro from taking his seat.  But technically Powers or Elizondo as the second place winner can sue.  This race is so up in the air, we will not know what is going to happen for a few days if Castro garners 33.1%.  This is a very real possibility.

The only thing I can say with certainty is Sylvia has her majority.  One wrong move and an escalation of litigation could quickly kill her majority.

I would imagine Desesperanza Zendejas and Baltazar Salazar are sitting at home with a bottle of tequila in one hand and their future in the other.  If Sylvia can clearly tie her wrongful indictment to the two she will have no problem successfully firing them and avoiding a lawsuit.

This election was a loser for the kids no matter how you look at it.

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