Friday, November 23, 2018



 Research shows the source may have a different Cesar Deleon than city commissioner Cesar Deleon.  So for now this is not the city commissioner, but is someone else.  I do not play the game of deleting mistakes.  For now the presumption is this is someone else.  Research continues  So based on this new information while I continue to research there would be no conflict since this appears to be a different Cesar Deleon.

Upon further research it appears the source was wrong, and this is a different Cesar Deleon.  Unlike other bloggers who remove posts when they fear a mistake the BV does not run from a mistake.  This issue of conflict of interest on this issue is non-existed.  That which follows will remain even though it was based on a mistaked presumption because the BV does not hide if it makes a mistake.

This analysis is based on incorrect information and therefore is not accurate.  But the issue of the city needing to investigate all conflicts of interests stands.

This was an easy fine with the SOS's office.  I have no evidence of wrongdoing or irregularity.  I do find it interesting Cesar Deleon used the name DelIon instead of Deleon.  He says it is industrial services.  This now raises a question does Cesar Deleon have to recuse himself on any GBIC vote concerning industrial development?

The city really needs to deal with all of the conflicts of interest of all officials - no exceptions period.


Anonymous said...

A good journalist would have verified the source of such information and waited to published it after confirming the source. It is not the matter of removing it, an accusation and the reputation of an individual is at stake. How many of your readers have read it and have discussed it with others in the community as a reliable source of information? Shame on you.

BobbyWC said...

First of all my format of correction is exactly what I have seen similar to the NYT's many times - but mine is more transparent. So I will go with their standard. Second nothing in the original story goes to reputation so you are dead wrong. I said possible. The point of the piece is we need to stay on top of conflicts of interest. I never said there was one. It was a point piece. My original checking panned out. But then I noticed the address and decided to double verify that is when I realized it was a different Cesar Deleon Jr.

I will go with the NYT's standard for these type mistakes and you can go with the troll standard. In fact my standard is better then the NYT's because I am not hiding my correction or putting it down at the end with a changed story saying "in the original story we said blah blah blah but have now made the correction to the story."

I chose to put the correction up front as the first thing people read - not at the end.

And really you believe readers come to my page only once and will never come back to see the correction. You trolls need to get brains. You never make a valid point which makes sense - you just want to start trouble.

And really Cesar Deleon the one who twice referred to N.... female ADA's, the same Cesar Deleon who tried to pressure Carlos Elizondo to change a grade for Judge Cornejo's daughter and after he refused was fired and indicted with Elia signing off on search warrants. And by the way, Elia Cornejo Lopez will be on the 2020 ballot because of a rule change, she just doesn't know it yet.

And you want my readers to believe this is the post which will hurt his reputation.

I am half way through the entire tape again. i am certain I heard another racial slur and have gone back on the tape looking for the comment. If I find it the second racial slur will be posted Monday with his pressuring of Elizondo and the N comment. But yes asking we keep on eye on conflicts of interest is what is really going to damage this damaged goods city commissioner.

Your idiotic post is playing nowhere except among trouble making low IQ trolls.

So forcing me to respond how did you help Cesar now that I have repeated the terrible things on the tape?

Bobby WC