Monday, November 5, 2018


The above means nothing.  All of the endless reporting by the blogs on the endless corruption has gotten us very little.  After Armando Villalobs and Abel Limas were dragged off to jail, DA Saenz, and about half the judges continued with the same corruption which got Villalobos and Limas sent to federal prison. 



My search shows I  can legally post the unedited version of the above photo.  If anyone has the full uncropped photo send it to me.  I will post it.  

You see, people in Brownsville and Cameron county are not seeing the corruption.  They do not think about the greater implications of the corruption and wrongfully indicted people for political ends.

This in part is why I have been posting more thought pieces.  We need to get people thinking more about the consequences of being a by-stander citizen.  If we can do this then the reporting on corruption and political machines feeding their own pockets may stick with the people and things may change.

Send me the photo and I will post it - Rick in all his glory.


Anonymous said...

So, seeing this guys dick will "expose" corruption? I don't get it. Is he corrupt because he allowed a nude photo?

BobbyWC said...

Actually I really like your question. It needs an honest answer. First had Rick simply embrassed nudism as an elected official I would be celebrating him. But when you are an elected official and allow some temporary hook-up to take such a picture you are telling us you are beyond stupid. The picture by itself does not bother me one bit, Had he himself posted it as celebrating how natural being naked is, I would be praising it as leadership.

But it got posted because he is stupid.

Why post the picture? A very valid question. To send a message that when you are an elected official and act completely stupid and then use the system to promote yourself you will be held accoutable.

But as to the nudity itself, I have no problem. It is a celebration of self.

I would post picks of myself at various nude beaches. I love the unofficial one on SPI because almost everyone is over 50 and 60 and we get it. We not staring at one another. We are just enjoying being natural. I celebrate it, but my boss would fire me. You see it is called not being completely stupid.

But I am glad you asked the question because it deserved an honest answer. I agree we can disagree holding him accountable for his stupidity while claiming to be qualified for this new job is valid. I have no problem with your valid position. Thanks for giving an alternative view.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised you responded to my post. I expected a little name calling and some off point comment but I get it, now. You are right, he was stupid for allowing the image to be captured. But I don't recall that he was ever esteemed for anything other then an ability to get elected and down here that rarely involves brains on the part of the candidate or the electorate. As for posting the photo, I never cared whether you do or don't, I just wandered about the benefits of me looking at his dick. I'll pass but you feel free to look it over.

BobbyWC said...

You miss the point of me being a nudist. We never look. We see the body as natural and love our natural being. But I think most people would have found no joy in looking at it. BTW so far while I know it is out there no one sent it to me.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

For reasons you understand I cannot post your comment without compromising the person you mention. There are so many anony ways to get it to me I do not buy it is not subject to disclosure. My legal research shows I cannot be held accountable because I had nothing to do with the taking of the pic.

The political speech which justifies the posting of the pic is his stupidity and lack of a moral compass. I am not a spurned lover. Rick may have a claim against the spurned lover who put it out there but not me.

Bobby WC