Monday, November 26, 2018


In January we are going to commence with about 20 or so depositions.  Mike was given the choice of non-suiting his frivolous lawsuit or expose all of his puppets to depositions.  Mike through his unethical lawyer made clear -  "f...k them."

Affidavit signed by Mike Hernandez makes clears he wants monetary damages because my reporting has caused him to lose business in his Brownsville endeavors.  What we have is an admission by Mike this was all about profits, not the people.

He claims to be training people for construction and then seeks to block an important housing project which would employ his students.  The school was not about jobs, it was about creating a public image.  Why is Mike Hernandez against the new CDCB housing project which will employ his students?

Had Mike taken my suggestion of non-suiting his case which is not a case at all, then I would have no basis to do depositions.  Mike through his counsel was clear - go for it depose them all.

Eddie Lucio III will be first.  Mike will try and claim attorney client privilege but he cannot because he posted to the blogs his private communications with Eddie Lucio III and his strategy.  Lucio will no throw his career and run for the State Senate under the bus to protect Mike Hernandez.

Mario Lozoya and all his emails from or to Mike will be part of his deposition.

Rita Hernandez with the IQ of a complete idiot will be deposed over her post on McHale's page that Mike needs to shut me down.   This was Mike's employee.  For the comment she must know something about Mike damages, or if she is just a vindictive bitch doing Mike's dirty work.

Louis Hernandez will be the best.  I will just leave it at that.  I kicked his ass in court and know he is clueless.  Louis will do extensive damage to Mike Hernandez.

Jessica Tetrea-Kalifa will be fun.  He doing Mike's dirty work as an elected official, promoting his fake image with the city, promoting his construction job training while opposing the new CDCB housing project is going to make for an interesting deposition.  I can go on for pages for what I have on Jessica and Art.  The conflicts of interest are numerous.  Mike knows this is all going to happen in January and will destroy Jessica's chances at reelection and he does not care. Art's long term relationship with Carlos Marin is going to make his deposition very interesting.

What can I say about Cesar Deleon. It will be a blood bath on his career. I personally believe it will lead to his indictment.  I cannot wait to hear his response as to why on the tape he said " the firefighters."  This is Mike's boy.

Mike was dumb enough to post enough comments through emails to prove he launders money for propaganda.  George Gavito and Jorge Sanchez will not know what hit them.

Juan Montoya will lie like it is a moral commandment from God, but my documents will prove he is a paid hack for Mike Hernandez to include defaming people.  Mike Hernandez is psychotic over the Cowan family over the Port election and has paid Montoya good money to destroy the Cowan name.  The Cowans are a good family who have put their community first, unlike Mike Hernandez.

Jerry McHale will cry like a baby over having to be deposed.  He posted Mike's suit against me has merit. He fails to tell you he signed a confidential settlement agreement to  never speak of Mike again in exchange for dismissal of the lawsuit, unless it was positive.

And the list goes on and on. On Tuesday notices will start to go out for each person to give me a date, time and place for their deposition in Brownsville.  If they do not give it to me by close of business Friday I will chose the date in January, time and place.

Mike and his attorneys are so stupid they will claim my times and place are unreasonable.  The fact I gave everyone a chance to choose the time and place.

Jose Angel Gutierrez's deposition will be done in Dallas.  He lives in California but maintains his law office in Dallas.  Jose Angel told me a lot about the back door deals and corruption which is why he left Mike.  Jose Angel so long as he is under a deposition will tell the truth and take Mike down once and for all.

Mike does not give a rats ass how much this is going to cost everyone in attorneys fees.  He through his counsel was clear, he does not care - every puppet can be replaced.

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BobbyWC said...

Because your comment reflects your trollism and distain for facts and reality it will not get through.

What am I running scared of. Mike has abandoned his lawsuit. Everything happening is because of me. I have multiple motions to be heard on the 10th of January. Mike's lawyer has done nothing. Why has Mike abandoned the lawsuit, but refuses to non-suit it? What is he afraid of.

Mike in an affidavit stated I have damaged his ability to do business in Brownsville.

Here is a news flash - I am allowed to depose all of the people he is doing business with, and especially the elected officials to show he lied. This is how I prove to a jury Mike's entire set up is a con using unethical elected officials to carry out the con.

Mike is going to pay his lawyer a small fortune in hearings and motions tryhing to stop the depositions. The rule is so so clear if Mike opposes the discovery on the issue he does not get to put on any supporting evidence and the case is dismissed as a sanction.

Mike had a chance to do this all very quietly under a confidential agreement, and he said no - go for it. Well I am going for it and will expose he lied in his affidavit and he has plenty of ethically challenged people doing business with him.

Why are you afraid of me proving this?

Bobby WC