Monday, November 19, 2018


The picture of me in Spring of 74' with the lady who made the fresh corn tortillas for my grandmother - Doña Panchita. This women who I would go see three times a day when visiting mi abuelita taught me more about work and equality than any philosopher or professor

Written maybe some 30 years ago in Spanish. If it makes you happy have at it with any grammatical mistakes.  Words do not translate in poetry from one language to another.  The original is always better in the language of origin.

Something I wrote maybe in the 80's I cannot believe I found this. Originally written in Spanish


Yo soy obrero y maestro
Yo pienso en el poder del conocimiento
You oigo el pueblo quejándose hacia fuera para el conocimento
You veo chavalos marchando adelante con conocimiento
Yo soy obrero and maestro

Yo finjo saber que el conocimiento es derecho humano
Yo siento la enfermedad de la ignoracia
Yo lloro por el pueblo
Yo so obrero y maestro

Yo comprendo que con el conocimiento el pueblo se levantará y traerá el cambio positivo
Yo digo que con conocemiento hay libertad
Yo sueño que obreros y maestros serán uno
Yo trato de que el pueblo aprenda la importancia del conocimiento
Yo espero que el pueblo aprenda la importancia del conocimiento
Yo soy obrero y maestro

Translation - words do not translate - but substance does
so the Spanish words may not match up to a dictionary translation. In this type writing an author imbues his own sensibilities into the meaning of his chosen words. Some parts cannot be translated properly - hence the nature of poetry or even music


I am a worker and a teacher
I think about the power of knowledge
I hear the people complaining out loud (towards) for knowledge
I see the youth marching forward with knowledge
I imagine (pretend) to know (poetically I imagine to know) that knowledge is a human right
I feel (sense) the illness of ignorance
I am preoccupied with the cure for ignorance
I cry for the people

I am a worker and a teacher
I understand with knowledge the people will rise up and bring positive change

I say with knowledge there is freedom
I dream the workers and teachers will become one
I endeavor that the people learn the importance of knowledge
I pray the people learn the importance of knowledge
I am a worker and a teacher

This has been my mindset all of my life.

By Bobby Wightman-Cervantes


Anonymous said...

Great mindset to stick to. Thanks for sharing.
I also was reminded of another definition for "conocimiento", "awareness", and the question of which comes first.

sargon said...

Made me teared up..