Friday, November 2, 2018


Too many calls so I am going to do it like this. The spinal is going fine. I was pushing too hard, but have slowed down a lot. I had the first follow-up and all went well. THE REAL NEWS WHICH IS IMPORTANT - the medical community does not want to believe hypothalamic dysfunction is real. The hypothalamus in many ways is the central computer part of your brain. It is a source of low testosterone along with a long list of health issues. One is you can go blind or lose your vision. I reached the point I could not read without a magnified glass. Reading glasses were worthless. Well relieving the stress on the nerve canal got the hypothalamus to start to self repair. My reading vision without any glasses is 20/20. My distance vision improved significantly. We learned all of this because of an emergency appointment for a possible detached retina. The gell in my left eye is shrinking. This has caused for some new and very large floaters and flashing lights. The floaters can cut the retina. The good news is the retina is fine for now, but unless it stabilizes the retina will detached. I go back in two weeks. I have a one year emergency voucher to go see the specialist if the flashing lights start to get worse so the day surgery can be done asap. We are not done. Yesterday was a follow-up for my prostate. Before the appointment my PSA went to 22.61 - 72% risk of cancer. We did another one Monday and the risk dropped to 67%. He thinks the bladder infection I got in the hospital is the source of the problem. So for now he is treating it aggressively as an infection. The PSA came down when I was on the antibiotics so I am on another 2 weeks to see if the PSA comes down again. I am done with the Adrogel. There are too many potential side effects including cancer, stroke and heart attack. It is a myth Adrogel improves sexual function or muscle development. It gets rid of the hot flashes and gives you a sense of well-being. That is it. I knew 60 was going to be interesting


Anonymous said...

I think you need to go back and review your information regarding the eye and floaters. I won't suggest to you what is wrong with it because I suspect it will lead to some kind of attack in which you advise me of what kind of an idiot I am because I contradict you. I make the suggestion not to benefit you but because I don't want others to buy into wrong information.

BobbyWC said...

Everything I wrote on the eye came right from the specialist, which is 100% consistent with what another reader posted the other day from the Mayo Clinic.

So tell me why I would ignore what the specialist is saying which is 100% consistent with the Mayo Clinic, based on an insult from a troll?

Bobby WC